Congressman Laughs At Saying The Pledge

Posted February 23rd, 2010 by Iron Mike

Xavier Becerra

Oh say it isn’t so – that a nine-term California Congressman from Los Angles would laugh at the notion of saying the Pledge of Allegiance?   See for yourself: 

Congressman Xavier Berecca who is a Democrat – can be reached in Washington at (202) 225-6235, and in Los Angeles at (213) 483-1425.  

With so little respect for our American traditions, – why do we kid ourselves and expect them to honor their oath to our Constitution?


   /s/  Iron Mike

One Response to “Congressman Laughs At Saying The Pledge”

  1. supportourmarines

    Somehow I’m not surprised. He is probably one of the ones who would raise other flags above the American one too. Don’t be shocked — we have one of the largest collections of moronic senators and congressmen here in LaLaLand!!