Congressman Grijalva Sides With Illegals

Posted April 26th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Arizona Democratic Congressman Raúl Grijalva has a huge district that runs 300 miles across southern Arizona from Yuma to Nogales – Some of it is a military bombing range, most of the rest Indian Reservation.  Sparsely populated, it is ideal smuggling territory.

Now he’s making news in public speeches opposing Arizona’s new tough law – he’s urging Obama to have the Feds – ICE – not cooperate by deporting the illegals that Arizona rounds up. 


Note his web position on immigration.

Essentially Grijalva is siding with the illegals.  If all the illegals in Arizona were allowed to vote – he could become a Senator – or the Governor of Arizona.  It is hard to escape the racial overtones in his message and his actions.  The illegal Mexicans are his friends,  citizens here legally are his enemies.

This is an example of what we don’t want in Congress, – somebody who sides with illegals “in the name of humanity”.   It harks back to the Spring of ’68 when Bobby Kennedy was telling crowds that he sympathized with the causes of the rioters.  Inflammatory speeches can have unintended consequences.

Democrats – including Pelosi and Tsongas – have been playing the illegals like pawns in a decades-long chess game.  They’ve encouraged them to come [Bush was also guilty] by holding out the hope of amnesty,  citizenship,  and preferential status in housing and education.  They chose to ignore the social costs of mass migration which in every case throughout history has unbalanced societies and nations, – almost always leading to their downfall.  Any series of actions which begin with a crime, and which continues by ignoring or encouraging more crime – cannot end well.  Already illegals in Arizona are in the streets demanding their “rights”.  Grijalva is playing to them.  He wants to undermine our sovereignty. 

Now the drug cartel wars rage across northern Mexico.  America’s craving for illegal drugs has turned Northern Mexico into a war zone.  Obama may grant “refugee status” to millions of Mexicans – including those already here.  Of course he would look like a savior to them, guaranteeing their support and votes.

All of this the unintended consequences of our desire for cheap farm labor and illegal drugs,  and weak-minded and unscrupulous politicians willing to play to the crowds.  Let’s think very hard about unintended consequences when we vote on November 2nd

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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