Congressman Bob Turner (R)NY-9th

Posted September 14th, 2011 by Iron Mike

Obama will have TWO bitter bagels for breakfast this morning!

Two new Republican Congressmen!

In the NY 9th Bob Turner won the seat vacated by Anthony ‘Sexting’ Weiner – and won despite MASSIVE Democratic efforts to save it.  The 9th has a huge population of Jewish voters, and the Dems brought in both Bill Clinton and Anthony Cuomo to campaign.  Dems have held this seat since 1923!  Ouch!

They’d also tried the old tricks of mailing out absentee ballots to dead people. The 70-year old Turner is leading by 54%.  In the last three Presidential elections, the 9th went heavily Democratic:

2008:   Obama  55%  2004:   Kerry  56%   2000:  Gore  67%

Out in Nevada Mark Amodei (Am-UN-day) won a 4-way race in the huge 2nd District by 57% with the votes still coming from around the state.

4 Responses to “Congressman Bob Turner (R)NY-9th”

  1. Blossom Stiefel

    This is a wonderful start! Bob Turner’s victory in the N.Y. Congressional Special Election is a great win for all of us, but there is still much work to do, I believe that we are “up” for the fight. In Nevada Mark Amodei’s win is very good for us all
    I got the good news about Bob Turner’s win on the John Batchelor radio program around midnight. It certainly was a great moment to get the word.
    I truly hope that the Jewish voters are getting the message about this horrific administration and how they are destroying our country and Israel.

  2. Karen G

    I couldn’t agree more! This is great news and says alot about how one of Obama’s biggest bases at the election, Jewish voters, may be willing to help unseat him in 2012.

    Never before has there been a more systematic and deliberate abandonment of the state of Israel. Our only real ally in the Middle East, and we are turning on them? The obama agenda is obvious.

    We all need to stand together, no matter our faith, to vote him out. His cronies are up to their old tricks with the reappearance/revamping of the tattle tale website “”. This should anger every American to their core.

  3. Lyndi Lanphear

    Love this blog, trying to figure out how to use. (Over 60)

  4. Lyndi Lanphear

    I did it!