Concord MoonBats: Fools or Traitors?

Posted March 23rd, 2011 by Iron Mike

It was funny, sad, and remarkably revealing. The Rabid Republican and I went to Concord’s Alcott School to protest the Obama/Soros political machine.  ‘Organizing for America’ was holding a workshop there in preparation for the 2012 elections.

We had an hour-long running conversation with Scott, one of their leaders. We think he’d been assigned to stay outside and watch us. We departed baffled and saddened by the vacuousness of his political thinking.

The encounter with OFA was pleasant enough. Several of their leaders came out to have their picture taken with us, although the lady with the big yellow Peace Symbol on her cell phone couldn’t figure out how to make her camera work.

Our signs were blunt enough – calling them socialists, fools, and traitors. Guess which word some objected to? Yeah, they didn’t like ‘Socialist’! ‘Fools’ and ‘Traitors’ they can live with? Or have they crossed that emotional barrier and are willing to wear the label?

One gent – the only black man to go inside – immediately called us ‘racists’. I guess he doesn’t know how many times we’ve featured Allen West and Sam Meas on RRB. I wonder if his loyalty and commitment are to Obama’s political positions, or to his ethnic origins?

Our watcher/minder turned out to be Scott Richardson, founder and CEO of Longwood Software headquartered in Maynard. He hosted an OFA meeting at his company a week ago.

Sipping his Dunkin’ Scott greeted his gathering flock of MoonBats. He asked about my hat, as people often do. And about the Rabid Republican’s Navy hat. He didn’t seem to grasp what a destroyer is. He claimed that he ‘once thought about joining the Army’, but his mother had threatened to disown him. I said that given how he’d turned out, – he should have risked it.

And I took his opening to question his political beliefs and positions. The next 45 minutes were amazing.

Scott hopes a 2nd Obama term will be ‘more liberal’ than the first.

He isn’t at all worried about our $14 Trillion national debt!

He was kinda quiet about Obama’s Libyan adventures and he was openly embarrassed by Senator McCaskill’s $287K tax problem.

He felt the Dream Act should have passed. He spoke about illegal immigration in vague terms like ‘find a solution’. He’s firmly against Arizona’s SB 1070 Immigration Law, saying it goes against ‘freedom and justice for all’.

But he was adamant – he didn’t want me going over to his Concord home and sitting in his living room. “That’s totally different!”, he argued, perhaps because he thought I might actually leave directly for his house.

He sees ‘no problem’ with having 13 – 20 million illegals here, but he couldn’t give me a maximum number if illegals he would be comfortable granting amnesty to.  Frankly he looked a little stunned at the concept – as if he’d never considered it before.

At this point in the conversation the Rabid Republican and I were exchanging glances – we knew he was in a discomfort zone. Given his personal background it just didn’t make sense.

I asked Scott if he ever felt that it was a conflict of interest for him to be selling sales/marketing software to companies who are all trying to make a profit in our free-market private enterprise economy, – when he uses his spare time to foster the socialist work of OFA.

Again he looked uncomfortable and a bit stunned – as if he’d never thought about that basic conflict of interest.

I asked how his customers would feel about his political activity – and he looked a little queasy.

From Longwood’s web site his customers include: American Greetings, Beiersdorf, Corning Life Sciences, Dunkin’ Brands, Essilor of America, Gardner Denver, Kronos, Save the Children Federation, The MathWorks, and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

For George Soros, Scott is the perfect stealth operator – working by day as an entrepreneur, and by night as an agent of world socialism.

By now most of the OFA folks had straggled in and it had grown dark. I tried to give poor Scott a few easy questions. ‘What are your personal political priorities?’ Again that stunned blank look. Was I tickling parts of his brain never before explored?

RR and I departed shaking our heads.  This morning as I type I am still amazed and disconcerted that a man could be smart enough to found a small software company and run it for over a decade, – could be a local leader of OFA, – but still could not articulate his own positions on very basic political issues.  And we were easy on him.

It’s as if he is a mindless socialist robot – carrying out a series of pre-programmed commands with no need for questioning, rational analysis, or thought. He’s quite happy – even smug – burning his time and money to further the Obama/Soros socialist takeover of the country.

College educated, gentile, affable and successful, – if he doesn’t question Obama’s background, motives, goals, or methods, – why would any of his less educated followers – his personal flock of Concord MoonBats?

And so my Republican, Conservative and Tea Party friends, these are the most dangerous enemies of our Young Republic. They may look harmless but these are the mindless automatons who despite living in the best country ever created, are willing to destroy it for some vague socialist goal they cannot define.

Don't let looks fool you.

We are locked in a war with a generation of Stepford Socialists living amongst us. They don’t think.  They just ‘feel’, act, and vote.

We have to teach them to think!

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

8 Responses to “Concord MoonBats: Fools or Traitors?”

  1. Rabid Republican

    I loved it when we tried to hand one of our leaflets to them…. and their minion would alert them to what it was… and their reaction was almost as if it were from the NE Japanese coast, emitting copious amounts of radiation. These folks don’t even want to see anything that poses an opposite view to their own. Their commitment and belief must be that shallow that they’re afraid of seeing anything that isn’t in total alignment lest they be instantly converted. Strong-willed? No.

  2. Kathy

    They’re sheep, they’re zombies…they’re shombies. 😀

  3. Kojack

    It just validates (as my own experience with liberals does) what Mike Savage says; that liberalism is a mental disorder. How else can it be explained? I know liberals personaly including some in my own family and have talked to them in depth. They completely disregard facts, history and common sense. They can be brlliant in other ways but when it comes to socialism, progressivism, etc. they’re just totally and dangerously stupid. They see the world as they want to see it and not as it is. Something upstairs doesn’t connect. A small percentage of them come around and become conservative but not many.

    That in and of itself doesn’t bother me. The fact that they want to force their insanity on the rest of us is what gets me all riled up. If somehow liberalism could be cured things would be much improved.

  4. Scott Richardson

    Hi Mike! Hey — great pictures. Thanks. Did it ever occur to you that my silence in response to some questions could be something other than being stunned? I mean, have you ever tried talking to you? 🙂

    In any case, thanks for tagging me as …College educated, gentile, affable and successful … my Mom would be so proud.

    — Scott —

  5. Maryann Fairbanks

    Iron Mike suffers from jock itch from spending so much time walking around spreading nasty rumors about ‘dangerous enemys’ and ‘stepford socialists’.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Discerning readers will note – it took this MoonBat just six (6) typed words to go for the groin.

    When MoonBats have no substance to use in discussion, they either cry ‘racist’ or go to the gutter.

  6. Maryann Fairbanks

    And now Six (6) more typed words to go for the brain – MY VOTE GOES TO BARACK OBAMA !

  7. Maryann Fairbanks

    Iron Mike – Please accept my apologies for my initial ‘smart mouth’ comment. I do sincerely mean I am sorry for that. While our political opinions may differ, I have no right to be nasty or totally impolite with you or anyone else.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    It’s all part of Free Speech Maryann.

    You can be overly nice, conversational, blunt, rude, nasty or even vulgar – it’s all free.

    Only outright threats get you in any trouble.

    Our objective at RRB is to get folks like yourself – persuadably a lifetime liberal / progressive – someone who looks to government for ‘services’ – to THINK.

    THINK! How long can Massachusetts survive with 12% of our population on food stamps – while the ‘Democrats’ in the legislature keep catering to ever larger groups of ‘constituents’ by promising to ‘tax the rich and those selfish companies’?

    The companies are going to New Hampshire and China. How many empty mills, factories and storefronts do you see in Fitchburg? Think!

    Connecticut just laid off 10% of their state employees – when they wouldn’t accept a wage freeze. Connecticut has 8.3 state employees PER SQUARE MILE.

    Massachusetts had 8.2 state employees PER SQ MILE. THINK!

    We’re glad you’re clicking into RRB. Keep coming back!

  8. Maryann Fairbanks

    I appreciate your invite to click on the site again, but without my permission, you have managed to obtain and share my personal information. This has caused mistrust and occurs as threatening. I am also left wondering if your intent may be to use harrassment as a tool. My personal information is my responsibility to share, should I so choose to do so – not yours. Thank you anyway, but I will stick to visiting only the sites that are clearly respectfull of this.