Concord, MA beats NH and Iowa! Bachmann Wins!

Posted June 14th, 2011 by Jim Ettwein

New Hampshire and Iowa have nothing on Concord, MA!  Mrs RR and I attended an event hosted by the Concord RTC last night at the historic Colonial Inn.  There were two agenda items: 1) watching the Republican candidate debate, and 2) watching the Bruins trounce Vancouver. 

I think the debate went well.  The questions were good and on point for a set of conservative candidates.  None of the candidates committed any major mistakes and all looked respectful and completely involved.  The topics were certainly not new, and all were VERY vocal at placing the blame for the current state of America at the feet of PresO.

At then end of the event the RTC took a poll of those present to determine a) who won the debate and b) who would get the vote of those present if the election were held that day.  Michelle Bachmann was overwhelmingly the winner of the debate, and she and Mitt shared the most likely votes in an election.

Candidate Who won the debate? Who would you vote for?
Santorum 1 1
Bachmann 12 8
Gingrich 1 0
Romney 6 8
Paul 2 0
Pawlenty 1 1
Cain 0 1


One Response to “Concord, MA beats NH and Iowa! Bachmann Wins!”

  1. B Howell

    Happy Birthday Old Glory

    As a casual viewer of both games at the Colonial Inn I am pleased to announce that I was pleasantly surprised by the outcomes. Bruins won and Republicans didn’t lose.

    Except for John King’s dumb questions such as Coke or Pepsi, it all seemed quite adult. After the debate and questions of who won and who would you vote for there was another question. Who would you vote for that was not there? The name with the most votes, I think it was 3, was Rick Perry, Gov of Texas another name was John Bolton.