Concord Commies For Barry!

Posted April 14th, 2012 by Iron Mike

It was a sad scene in Concord this morning as the MoonBat faithful answered the bat call to fly north to campaign in Nashua for Obama.  As good Republicans, Big Tom and I felt obligated to come and challenge their cherished beliefs.

Sadly, but predictably, we discovered that their knowledge base is so limited they couldn’t identify the people in the poster.

I gave them the weekly quiz sheet I give to the Young Republicans.  They were mostly stumped.

They were willing to pose for the group photo.  That’s Big Tom of Chelmsford standing behind them with the sign mocking their big-government socialist politics.  Most didn’t get it.  They are so emotionally attached to Obama that facts are of no interest.

 67-year old Acton MoonBat Helen Sheth claims to have been an Obama fan since the 2008 Campaign, after he beat her first loveHillary.

72-year old Boxborough Democrat Santiago Tapia says he’s been an Obama fan since the 2004 Boston DNC.  I asked him why he likes Obama, and he answered proudly “I trust him, – you can just tell when you can trust someone.”

So after a quick morning huddle the four pious MoonBats drove off to New Hampshire, whileCommunity Organizer’ Scott Richardson stayed behind in case any others straggled in.  None came.  It wasn’t the morning success he’d hoped for.

Scott was stuck in an empty parking lot talking to two conservative Republicans, telling us that he’d once campaigned for Richard Nixon.  It seems that Scott has carried a grudge against Republicans since Watergate.

TEACHING POINT:  Logic does not work on Obamacrats.  They are all about feelings, so things like national debt do not register in their brains.  This morning they seemed unfazed by $4.oo/gal gas either.  They are very cult-like.


/s/  Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

They were too oblivious (ignorant?) to be offended!



5 Responses to “Concord Commies For Barry!”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    A great way to spend a beautiful Saturday morning having a friendly discussion with some certified, clueless moonbats.

  2. Walter Knight

    I spent my Saturday roasting hotdogs, rather than mingling with them. I feel guilty now. What have I done for the cause lately? I haven’t even nailed a moonbat in my headlights lately.

    Most moonbats are quieter now, wondering why they haven’t got their free stuff yet.

  3. Scott Richardson

    Iron Mike — always a treat to see you and be called a few names. Thanks for caring about our team.

    Well Scott, I care less about ‘your team’ than I do how they’ll vote.

    They are clearly under-informed, blindly loyal, and because they appear to be normal ‘nice’ people, – they can do my country great damage by misleading other uninformed people.

    You’ve given us a poor, – frankly lame – excuse about Richard Nixon to explain why you’re a lifelong Democrat / Socialist.

    You as much as admitted that the birth certificate the White House put on line is a photo-shopped forgery…

    You can’t explain high gas prices, our $101 Billion Massachusetts State Debt, …or why jobs are leaving our state. You seemed oblivious to Princess Michelle’s many vacations…

    Yet you still blindly follow Phil Villers’ orders and drum up gullible old people for ‘the cause’.

    You’re a likable guy Scott – which is one of the chief requirements for a Judas goat. You are what Stalin used to call ‘a useful idiot’. If you don’t like that label – please read the Constitution carefully. Have you EVER?

  4. Scott Richardson

    Mike — your rants are thin gruel.

    FWIW, you imagine conversations with me. I actually said nothing about how I shifted from R to D. And about the birth certificate, I said nothing. I was trying to be polite.

    Did you make it to the parade today?

  5. Tom Gilroy

    Scott, your memory seems to be either lacking or the story you told about your dissolutionment with the Republicans and Richard Nixon and your switch from worker for the GOP to Democrat was only fiction. Most Democrats have difficulty dealing with the truth.