Commies Are Set To Run America

Posted November 30th, 2020 by Iron Mike

They never had to fire a shot;  – just ‘fix’ the voting machines…
Presidential Wannabe China Joe Bribe’em is hiring his media allies to shield him from ugly and unwanted questions.

Joe’s new Press Secretary will be Jen Psaki – recycled from the Clinton-Kerry State Department with a sugar-coating of CNN.  She will be the token white woman on the team.

Karine Jean Pierre is a Hattian lesbian,  a Columbia AA/EEO grad,  who worked for John “Loverboy” Edwards,  Obama,  and George Soros’

Symone Sanders (Thunder Thighsworked for Bernie (no relation) Sanders in 2015-16,  then for CNN,  wrote a book “No – You Shut Up”,  before working for the Biden Campaign.  Her ‘partner’ is Shawn Townsend – who works for DC Mayor Muriel Bowser.

Ashley Etienne worked for Elijah Cummings,  Al Greene,  Nancy Pelosi,  Obama,  and again for Pelosi during the Trump impeachment.

The real QUESTION is:

Can this team of women keep Biden sufficiently muzzled,
– until he can be safely tucked away at Walter Reed…?

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