Commie Mayor, Commie Governor…

Posted November 5th, 2020 by Iron Mike

.and Commies rioting in their streets.   No sooner had left-wing PussyKrat Ted Wheeler been reelected Mayor of riot-plagued Portland,  than the AntiFA / BLM goons took to the streets and started breaking windows.

Governor Kate Brownperhaps sensing that Trump may have a very short fuse now – activated the National Guard….

These past two years on constant rioting by AntiFA / BLM has been the paid handiwork of George Soros and his son Alexander.  Anything to weaken government;  – and isolated Portland – already leaning FAR LEFT,  – has been the perfect Basic Training Grounds for his paid thugs.

It’s seems to many observers that both Mayor Ted Wheeler and Governor Kate Brown were holding back, – allowing the rioters free hand to destroy the Federal Courthouse and nearby parts of the city.

Worse for the Citizens – Multnomah County DA Mike Schmidt OPENLY sympathized with the rioters,  – releasing almost every person arrested during the nightly mayhem – the following morning.  The jail had a revolving door.

Most Americans have never read far enough into our Constitution to reach Article IV, § 4,  – in which the Federal Government guarantees each state a Republican Form of Government (i.e. not a local king),  and to protect each of them from invasion and from domestic violence….

At RRB we hope that Governor Brown really wants to solve her communist goon problem herself;  – and doesn’t want Trump sending in both Federal Troops and Federal Prosecutors.

Meanwhile,  sitting back home in Katonah, New York (well-protected by armed guards),  – Soros is enjoying both the post election vote stealing in Democrat-run cities,…

…and the ongoing AntiFA violence in our cities….


Yes, Mike Schmidt is one of ‘his’ DAs – a Soros-backed and funded DA that believes in “Restorative Justice”,  – and hates guns.

Don’t let these PAID riots distract you from the ongoing vote stealing!

Yes,  my use of the pejorative “dim-witted chick” was deliberate.  Clearly the young wannabe reporter isn’t well-educated enough to deserve the title “woman”.

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