Comey’s Stunning (Unbelievable) Admission

Posted June 8th, 2017 by Iron Mike

By his own admissions – his behavior is so self-serving and so unethical that it is hard to know which statements are even vaguely true.  Says he felt Trump’s ‘hope’ in their private meeting was a command – so he made a memo

THEN,…the VERY NEXT MORNING he meets with AG Jeff Sessions – tells him about PART of the conversation, – – BUT NOT ABOUT THE ‘HOPE’….
WHY were you holding back Mister Comey…?  At a minimum you were being disloyal to Sessions!  And THEN he became another self-serving DC Leaker:  Video clip below the fold:

Did you catch that – – “…for a variety of reasons”

Patriotism and honoring your OATH sure weren’t among them….

3 Responses to “Comey’s Stunning (Unbelievable) Admission”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    That’s what you call his ace in the hole, his chip in the big game, to be held close to his vest to be shown only when he was in deep sh@t or could use it as the leverage to extort something he wanted from somebody.

    So now we know Comey is deeply entrenched in the DC Swamp and a leaker to boot. Now I’m to wonder if he’s not behind all the other leaks coming out of the FBI. After all, once a person lies to you, you have to be suspicious of everything else he says

  2. Mt Woman

    SWAMP MASTER–all 6feet 8 inches of him has proven to be as slimy as the next pol in DC. Let’s get this straight, he was coerced by AGLynch to change the wording of Hillary’s email criminal investigation to matter. Although he was snickered my the direct request he never thought to document this in a memo or leak this to the New York Times.

  3. Hawk1776

    Comey has revealed himself to be a very strange guy. There are ample reasons for him to be hated by both parties. But yesterday’s testimony was a clear win for Donald Trump and a staggering loss for the Democrats and the mainstream media. “Trump is under investigation” was a complete fabrication that was repeated by rote as nauseum by the liberals. Fake news, plain and simple.