Comey Painted Himself Into A Corner

Posted June 7th, 2017 by Iron Mike

The man who spent a career ‘fixing things’ for the Clinton Cartel,  – suddenly needs a fixer himself…..

With the Eyes of the Nation [aka the Liberal Media] on him Thursday,  – he has very little chance of salvaging his reputation.

Very few Democrats believe in God – so they don’t really pray. They will curse in His name….

But tonight you may hear Democrats praying – that James Comey will flush his career and give them even a morsel of sworn testimony – – something to the effect that:

…then he asked me to lay off Mike Flynn….”

If Comey says ANYTHING like that – he essentially admits that he himself broke the law by failing to disclose and report it the very next morning.

THEN the QUESTION will be:  “Mister Comey,  why did you fail to make an immediate and timely report – of this alleged criminal request…?

What were you thinking?”

What can he answer – “I was going to blackmail the President like J. Edgar Hoover used to”?

COMEY’S ONLY BACKUP VERSION: “I was intimidated in the presence of Donald Trump”.


You stand a hulking 6′ 8” tall,…and you were “intimidated”?

MOST LIKELY COMEY SNIVEL: “The President never specifically asked me to back off,…I ~ just knew ~ what he wanted me to do…”

THAT kind of a vague suggestion wouldn’t fly in any court of law….and will make Comey look like a spineless weakling.

The Democrats Dream of Impeachment!

Of course, while many Democrat members of Congress have bitter memories of 1998 and the Impeachment of Bill Clinton,   – they still haven’t read the pertinent sections of our Constitution.  In other words, – they have NO CLUE what the Constitution says.

Article I, § 2, Paragraph 6 says that the House shall have the sole power of Impeachment.  Since the House is currently 239 R to 194 D, – a comfortable 55% Republican Majority.  Oops!

Article I, § 3, Paragraph 6 says the US Senate will try impeachments,  and that it takes a 2/3 vote to convict. The Senate is divided 52 R to 48 D,….with no chance the Democrats could get 19 Republican senators to vote for impeachment,  – certainly not on the word of James Comey.

No matter what gets said under OATH tomorrow,  – Democrats and the Propaganda Ministry will hear it and spin it they way they want to.

But only a future President Hillary Clinton would ever dream of giving Comey a job requiring clear thinking and integrity – ever again.   His quest for revenge against Trump has already backfired.

And NOTHING said tomorrow will make Hillary look any more “presidential”.

3 Responses to “Comey Painted Himself Into A Corner”

  1. Peter S

    Excellent info!!

  2. Mt Woman

    In an administration filled with Obama appointed leakers,we should question Trump’s asking Comey for loyalty and honesty? This only makes sense to me. All employes have already taken “oaths” and we’ve seen how far this has gotten us. We are crippling progress of the nation as the Dems and libs continue to run down rabbit holes chasing shadows that aren’t there and making up stories to fit their agenda as facts.

  3. Sonny's Mom

    Today is Comey testimony day. Comey is looking more and more like a “disgruntled former employee”. As talk host Mike Gallagher puts it, “not a good day for the narrative.”