Come Testify Under OATH? “I’ll Wait.”

Posted September 19th, 2018 by Iron Mike

What happens when you let your mouth and your left-wing political passions overload the TRUTH?

Dianne Feinstein has flung a snake on the table,  – but this snake seems to want to slither away.

3 Responses to “Come Testify Under OATH? “I’ll Wait.””

  1. Martha Shamp

    I believe Brett Kavanaugh. He is a great man which is more than can be said about his duplicitous accuser.

  2. Kojack

    This is right out of the DEMOCRAP play book. It started with Regan nominee Robert Bork where unfortunately it was successful, then they used it against Clarence Thomas where it failed but not before UNFAIRLY smearing his name. Then they did it to Herman Cain, who was my pick in 2012, when he started to take off during the primary.

    This is A TOTAL FABRICATION, nothing more than a delay tactic to push the vote past the mid-terms because the DEMOCRAPS think they’re going to get a big blue wave. If it wasn’t DIANE FRANKENSTEIN WOULD HAVE BROUGHT IT RIGHT OUT IN JULY.

    This is going to blow-up on the DEMOCRAPS and will make the RED TSUNAIME that much bigger. I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE ALL THE ‘MURMERING AND GNASHING OF TEETH’. There will be a demand for hot chocolate and comfort animals on campuses all across the U.S. where the snowflakes will start melting. I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!!

  3. Marc

    #1, I don’t believe this skank. #2, even if she’s telling the truth, I really don’t care. The guy was 17 years old at the time. Give me a break. What normal boy didn’t do his share of groping at that age?