Columbus And The “Indigenous Peoples”

Posted October 11th, 2021 by Iron Mike

A cautionary tale of being damned careful of who you let into your country,  – and why strong borders and tough immigration laws are key to the survival of your culture and society.
If they won’t assimilate – DON”T LET THE BASTARDS IN!

Good Morning Americans!  If reading this – you don’t know the connection between spoiling meat,  – Muslims,  – and the 4 voyages of Columbus,  – you either slept through your History and Economics classes,  – or you were totally preoccupied with getting laid.

Columbus left 39 men to start a colony in Hispaniola on his first voyage.   What happened to them?

He returned to Spain with a few native ‘volunteers’,  some pieces of gold,  and tobacco.  Which would have a long-term impact?

Did you ever wonder why – with all the advanced civilizations which flourished for centuries in the Americas,  – why none of THEM ever tried sailing EAST to where the sun was rising?

Did they too think the world was flat?


WHY are liberals so focused on pulling down statues,  – renaming holidays, – and rewriting History? WHAT do they think will change?

Would a REAL LIBERAL (consumed with White Guilt) fly back to Europe and stay there,  – even though the continent is being over-run with snarly Muslims?

Are 21st Century liberals who vilify Columbus really anti-Spanish, – anti-Italian,  – or just anti-American…? Do they refuse to eat in Italian restaurants to prove their point?

Did the men who sailed with Columbus bring Syphilis to the New World,  – or catch it here and take it back to Southern Europe?

Do liberals understand the differences between syphilis and yaws?  Or is some knowledge just too icky to bother with?

There are at least 25 counties, cities, and towns in the USA named after Christopher Columbus.  Will liberals insist they all be renamed;  – or just move out of them?

Will they insist that the South American nation of Columbia rename itself?

Will marijuana-smoking liberals take seriously the story this morning that their weed may be linked to an increase in breakthrough cases of COVID in fully vaccinated patients?

When will somebody invent a vaccine for Liberalism?

Who are the Haitians,  – and how did they get to Haiti,  – since Columbus didn’t find them there…?

Do liberals know anything about the slave trade from East Africa to South Asia,  – that went on for thousands of years…?

Or do they still think their Democrat plantation owners in the Deep South were the only importers of Africans…?


2 Responses to “Columbus And The “Indigenous Peoples””

  1. panther6

    Please ask the Indigenous occupants of the land Columbus discovered where they got the land and which tribes they cannibalized to get it. Progress isn’t always pleasant and time marches on but don’t blame Columbus or try to re-write history. God Bless Christopher.

  2. Kojack

    The advocates of Indigenous People’s Day must be advocates of cannibalism, polygamy and slavery, all of which were practiced by Indigenous People.

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