Colorado BACKS OFF Christian Baker

Posted March 6th, 2019 by Iron Mike

He/She Lawyer Autumn Scardina was stirring the pot – looking for free publicity and even notoriety…so she asked known Christian baker Jack Phillips for a very special sex-change cake. He graciously refused on religious grounds,  and she sued, – as was her plan from the start.

Of course the Colorado “Civil Rights Commission” sided at first with Attorney Scardina – who wanted a pink (girl) cake with blue icing (boy on the outside) to ‘celebrate her transition from male to female.  They have JUST backed off.
If this shit seems outrageous,  remember that Colorado recent governor, John Hickenlooper (the Weed-Gov) – is running for President against Trump.

One Response to “Colorado BACKS OFF Christian Baker”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    They’re regrouping….

    I’m sure they recognized a fatal flaw in their case and rather than go down in defeat, they withdrew.

    I’m also sure they’ll come back at this guy once they brainstorm and develop a more solid course of action.

    Being a Christian baker must be a pretty rewarding career. How the heck is this guy affording the attorney(s) these past many years?