Colonel Kerry Gilpin Finally Moves!

Posted February 23rd, 2018 by Iron Mike

I was wondering what was taking so long….   But we have a Friday Night announcement – two troubled Mass State Police officers have decided to take “Early Retirement”.

Major Susan Anderson and LtCol Dan Risteen will now be available as school guards in the private sector.  Both were involved in “ScrubGate” – where two arresting troopers were ordered to re-write arrest reports of a judge’s whore daughterKeep up the FIRE Colonel Gilpin!

It would be GREAT if we were reporting on a story which the Massachusetts Media had broken,…but sadly that’s not the case

And the Mass State Police didn’t discover and clean up this mess either….

So much for ‘Internal Affairs’…

Worcester Blogger TurtleBoy Sports uncovered it all!

The saddest commentary in this whole ScrubGate mess is that it has revealed a decades-long culture of fixing,  back-scratching,  double-standards,  and cover-up which is all many of these officers and troopers have ever seen.

It became so commonplace that a Mass State Police officer – could be dating a lady (however lovely) with a criminal record,…and nobody batted an eyelash.

So fixing a DUI arrest report for a blowjob queen (the Democrat Judge’s daughter) seemed to many in the chain of command as ‘just normal police courtesy’…   They’d seen it all done before.


Colonel Gilpin,  at RRB we had some strong doubts about your ability to clean house.  We doubted Governor Baker’s wisdom in picking you over the heads of so many senior officers.

Today’s ‘retirements’ show great promise,  – and we eagerly await more housecleaning. 

A LOT of your troopers are waiting too!  I’ve spoken to a number of them.






3 Responses to “Colonel Kerry Gilpin Finally Moves!”

  1. Hawk1776

    >Major Susan Anderson and LtCol Dan Risteen will now be available as >school guards in the private sector.

    Given their pensions, which you pay for, they will be the highest paid crossing guards in the state.


    And WAIT until they both go on Monday and file for DISABILITY as did former MassSP Superintendent Miriam McGovern ( 2 weeks after Small Deval finally fired her ) she claimed a BAD HEART

  2. Jack Mehoff

    What about Col Gilpin’s wife that is a trooper ?????

  3. Jack Mehoff

    A year ago, Colonel Gilpin was a Lt. with no command experience, but she had a meteoric rise and check 2 boxes. Voila !!

    Aldo, Major Anderson won’t be applying for an EBT card. In addition to her pension, her husband Glen collects over $115,000 from his statie pension.