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Posted May 13th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Outing Obama; – Or Just Selling Ink?

Newsweek’s cover for this coming week. 

Larry Sinclair will suddenly be doing the talk shows.

Too late for Choir Director Donald Young and his friends Larry Bland and Nate Spencer;  but I’m sure they would have been proud to see this day.

It will be fun watching both the White House and the MSM sycophants doing a mixture of gay pride, carefully parsed denial, and damage control.  It will take Dizzy Lizzy [aka ‘Half Breed’] off the front page for awhile.  Will Michelle suddenly get pregnant to provide denial?

The really bad news for Obama is the press seems ready – after 4 years – to start doing their jobWhat made them wake up?   Now if we can just get them to talk about the economy!

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