“Coexist”: Muslim Style

Posted April 30th, 2014 by Iron Mike

In now totally lawless Northern Syria – the worst of Islam is having it’s way – with Christians and with the general Muslim population.
Christian man Crucified in Syria
This man – a Christian – was accused of robbing a Muslim, – tried by a rebel ISIS group [no witnesses, no defense attorney] – and crucified. Their real objective was not ‘Justice’ – but to terrorize all into submission. That is the CORE of Islamsubmission.

It’s not just Christians they’re after.

Coexist Muslim Style

These two fellows were fighters against Assad – but it seems they weren’t fundamentalist enough for the ISIS, – so they too were made examples of.

So next time you see one of those stupid Coexist bumper stickers on a MoonBat’s car – remember how Muslims intend for us to ‘coexist’. Look up the meaning of dhimmitude.

MoonBat Car

As a conquered dhimmi– you will kneel and pay a yearly tax to have your head ceremoniously ‘saved’.  You will be expected to express great joy and gratitude for the opportunity to live another year as a second-class person – with no rights.

During this mid-term election cycle, – in public meetings – stand up and ask your liberal democrat [aka progressive / socialist] candidates to explain the meaning of ‘dhimmitude’ and how it effects their views on government, religious freedom, and foreign policy

We MUST challenge and embarrass them publicly!

Ask: “If Muslims were to gain control of the US Government – would you be willing to pay the Jizya?”    See if they have a CLUE!

6 Responses to ““Coexist”: Muslim Style”

  1. Jim Gettens


  2. Tom Gilroy

    These people and their ideological idiocy has not changed since the seventh century. Now they have automatic weapons, missiles IEDs and soon automic weapons. But there are many both within the administration and without that will not label them as Muslim terrorists.

  3. Mark

    Obamacare IS “JIZYA” as a result of dhimmitude. It is a non muzzy tax. look it up. Its reality my friends. They do not need to tell non muzzys that they are even paying the tax. They just need to make us pay it. The constraints will get tighter until we are too weak to fight.

  4. Victor

    Islam – a “religion of peace” that gets away with the most heinous of crimes and has a friend in the liberal communities in Europe and US.

    Some schools in the UK now have mandatory Muslim prayer. Muslim groups everywhere are demanding the Islamization of the West – even at Ground Zero. We must take a stand for our values and stop the spreading disease.

    Freedom of speech? Nope. They demand the death penalty for insulting Mohammad. Freedom of the press? Nope. They want the head of Kurt Westegaard for publishing cartoons of Mohammad. Separation of church and state? Nope, they want a worldwide caliphate.

    Obama will not stand up for the cartoonists, the writers like Salman Rushdie, the filmmakers like Theo van Gogh… They will stand up in support of the Muslims!

    Get used to dealing with this coexist BS, because there are people actually willing to believe it.

    I applaud you on this post Iron Mike. They must be stopped.

  5. Walter Knight

    In liberated parts of Syria, the Free Syrian Army is fighting Al-Qaeda. This civil war within a civil war is overlooked by the mainstream media.