CNN’s Jim Acosta Endorses Border Wall

Posted January 10th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Long-standing Trump critic and nemesis – CNN’s White House correspondent Jim Acosta takes a stroll along the US-Mexico Border at McAllen Texas.

And he finds things “pretty tranquil”.   Kind’a makes Trump’s point.  Finally, – some honest reporting from CNN!  Who knew?  Thanks Jim! Short video:

Of course the left-wing POINT he was trying to make is that there is no crisis at the border, – that Trump has ‘manufactured’ a crisis that doesn’t exist.

But Acosta is a coward – he went to a safe and quiet area – where there IS A WALL….

The left can’t do ANYTHING effectively,…not even mock Trump on Twitter!

2 Responses to “CNN’s Jim Acosta Endorses Border Wall”

  1. Walter Knight

    I suppose it would have looked bad if Acosta got sniped from the Mexican side.

  2. Panther 6

    The gent is a blithering idiot but does have the bully pulpit. Needs to be fired but given he works for CNN, that isn’t going to happen.