CNN’s Hillary Setup Fake GOP Debate

Posted December 15th, 2015 by Iron Mike

The Republicans walked into a set-up…..
CNN GOP Debate


They wanted to set the candidates fighting each other – and – sadly – the candidates obliged them.

Trump  Jeb


4 Responses to “CNN’s Hillary Setup Fake GOP Debate”

  1. William Clark

    It was amazing that one terrorist act could send us back to Bush Doctrine. The difference in candidates was their level of importance of an issue, A,B,C,D vs. B,A,D,E.

    A. Secure boarder B. ISIS, C. Wall, D. Surveillance E. Illegals.

    It was interesting as Rand Paul states that the GOP candidates are all touting a larger more intrusive government.

    Earlier this week Rush L. stated none of the candidates will mention the Tea Party and need to distance themselves to be a serious candidate, he was right.

  2. Walter Knight

    The best fighting words were a Trump quip about 41 percent to 3 percent lol. I’ll bet Bush has some pissed off donors.

  3. Sherox

  4. Walter Knight

    Graham and Bush made some spirited gurgling noises as they circled the bottom of the toilet.