CNN Tries Starting A Section 4

Posted August 26th, 2019 by Iron Mike

You’ll need a copy of our Constitution, – go to Amendment 25, Section 4….to understand CNN’s current game plan.

Since Russian Collusion and Impeachment didn’t work,  CNN’s Brian Stelter interviewed two (crazy) psychiatrists – one from Yale,  the other from Duke,  – to start a ground swell of public sentiment that Trump is crazy.  It backfired!  video:

If Doctor Francis is the best Duke has to offer the study of Psychiatry, their whole Medical School is in deep trouble.

It seems Doctor Francis has been unable to diagnose his own TDS,  so he came on the air ready to erupt,...and HE DID!

Russians” failed.  “Mueller & Obstruction” failed. “Stormy Daniels” failed. Emoluments” failed.  “Tax Records” failed.

Now with less than 16 months before Trump’s likely re-election (22 Democrat wannabes are FAILING and FLAILING) the hard left is desperate for anything that can end the Trump era.

What modern Democrats cannot recall is that this was tried before, – against both Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford. 

It FAILED back then too….

But you can expect the Left to keep on beating their Drum and shaking their Tambourines, – because they have no worthy policies to strengthen America, – and no worthy candidates worthy of challenging Trump.

A WORD of CAUTION to Democrats:  Before you travel down the path of the 25th Amendment, – you might take a real hard look at Joe Biden… Just say’n…

3 Responses to “CNN Tries Starting A Section 4”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    This is evidence that the educated are sometimes not really educated, and testimony to what comes out of the mouths of fools when they realize they have a 1st Amendment….

  2. Ben

    He’s the reason why patients can’t be cured. What a waste of money going to that fraud. These people will go to extremes. They have so much hate in their heads that they will say anything.
    Just as bad as Tom Bergeron the coward of dancing with the stars.


  3. Aloha Snackbar

    He has a PhD, Piled high and Deep.