CNN & The ChiComms Blaming Trump

Posted May 28th, 2020 by Iron Mike

We can now see the 2020 Election Strategy of the Democrat Party aided by their media allies, – the Chinese News Network:  “Everybody is a VICTIM – and it’s all Trump’s fault...”.

Four years ago we joked that CNN stood for the Clinton News Network.   We were short-sighted;  they’ve always been the ChiComm News Network,  and they couldn’t be more anti-American.

One Response to “CNN & The ChiComms Blaming Trump”

  1. Stubby Buddy

    Japan: population 126 million, on one TINY landmass
    covid deaths: 850

    USA: population 328 million, spread across a huge landmass
    “covid” deaths: 100,000

    2 + 2 = 5?

    Three times the population (roughly) but more than 115 times the deaths? Something is very, very wrong with the numbers.

    What was really done (Cuomo & others killing the elderly, etc)?

    What are the REAL death numbers (pneumonia and flu deaths plummeted while all deaths are attributed to ccp-flu)?

    Is it about the virus – or about the ELECTION? (and stealing same, by vote-by-mail and more)

    How many of these governors, mayors, and DC swamp denizens, are being paid by CHINA?