CNN Still Beats The Dead Horse

Posted May 7th, 2019 by Iron Mike

They’re like careers criminals – they keep up the con….  Trump MUST be guilty – because they HATE him so much….

And these genius legal reporters are:

Eli Watkins – Just 4 years out of college…Journalism
Katelyn Polantz – BA in English Literature 2009

Long long ago there was a time when CNN’s news could be trusted.  But somewhere along the line they took sides (the wrong side) and learned they could manipulate public opinion – and elections.

Two stories today illustrate how desperate they are to be rid of a duly elected President – who has restored America’s economic vitality and is dealing with America’s acknowledged enemies….

FIRST: A bullshit story by “hundreds of former prosecutors”,….none of whom have seen the evidence…   Who prints garbage like this?   Yeah,…CNN does….


SECOND:   Another CNN story:  We’re killing life on the planet!!!

Really?   Who in their lifetimes has had time to catalog 1,000,000 separate species,  count their numbers,  – and count again to determine if they are thriving, maintaining, or dying off?

And who is smart enough to attribute any changes to human activity – for ALL 1,000,000…?

We’re living in a world our Founders could not have imagined,  – when the PRESS would turn on the Citizens,  – and manipulate and shape the ‘news’ they are fed on a daily basis.

These ‘reporters’ – Watkins and Polantz in particular today,  – are either witting and willing agents of the DEEP STATE,  – or (just as bad) they’re so badly educated that they actually think they’re being patriotic….

AND,…happening right now,….Liberal Tears:

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