CNN Replacing Larry King With British Liar

Posted June 15th, 2010 by Iron Mike

There was a time – in the distant past, when the new kid in the box was CNN –on 24x7x365 with live news and/or video from every corner of the world.  CNN changed how governments and businesses operated.  That was then.  Today CNN is desperate to stay afloat.  VERY desperate.  

Now CNN struggles to remain relevant in an industry which has almost totally skewed itself to the Left. The very cable networks which made CNN possible now measure its doom on an hourly basis.  The cable companies don’t know for sure if your watching the box,  but they do know what channel you’re tuned to.  Advertisers know too, and they pay the freight.

  Q1 of 2010 was bad for CNN all around.  Their “intellectual offering” –the Larry King Show – was down 43%.  Worse,  Larry filed for divorce, reconciled, but then his [8th] wife tried to commit suicide.  So where can CNN turn to replace their aging gnome?

How about a proven soulless liar – one with a British accent?  Yeah, that sounds spiffy!

Enter stage left:  Piers Morgan – recently a “judge” on “Britain’s Got Talent” and formerly disgraced newspaper editor who faked stories about the British Army in Iraq “torturing Iraqis”. 

Back in 2004, Morgan – then an editor with the Daily Mirror – faked some “torture” photos at an army base in England – and published them claiming members of the Queen’s Lancashire Regiment had engaged in torture in Iraq.  He was trying to piggy-back on the Abu Ghraib scandal – to boost his own image and the Mirror’s circulation.  But his hoax was revealed, and he was fired.  Make no mistake – Morgan is a thoughtless, cowardly, and conniving bad guy.  He placed the lives of British troops in greater danger.

CNN is desperate enough not to care!  Morgan is about to sign a lucrative contract to replace Larry King.  He’ll get to wax intellectual for a few years – tossing softball questions to liberals.  Can’t you just see him interviewing Al Gore:  “Al, what saddens you most – the drowning polar bears – or Long Island covered with rising sea water?

So will this liar’s British accent make you watch CNN?  Will you trust CNN more or less?

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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