CNN Doesn’t See Enough C-O-L-O-R ?

Posted January 31st, 2020 by Iron Mike

With people dropping like flies across China,  CNN’s chief worry is for DIVERSITY on Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force.

CNN made an instant comparison with Obama’s response to Ebola, – but as usual in their haste to publish a propaganda photo,  – they forgot to do actual research.

Non-thinkers will look at CNN’s Trump vs Obama photo above and see what CNN is selling – that Trump’s team is male and white…

About Sylvia Burwell:  BA in Government from Harvard (campaign researcher for Dukakis-Bentsen) and a BA in Philosophy, Politics & Economics from Oxford (England).  No experience in infectious diseases – just infectious messaging.

Now look again at the photo of the Trump Team.

The guy talking (Trump is LISTENING) is Doctor Anthony Stephen “Tony” Fauci,  – who has been Director of the NIAID (the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) since 1984.  He has advised 6 US presidents on AIDS/HIV and other infectious diseases.

The bald guy one seat closer to Trump is Doctor Robert Ray Redfield Jr. (Colonel MC US Army Retired),  – currently Director for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Dr. Redfield is a Georgetown grad (BS & MD) and an expert in infectious diseases and tropical medicine.

In short,  CNN’s comparison FAILS because the folks advising Trump are concerned with fighting the DISEASE,…

.while back in 2014 the folks advising Obama were concerned with MANAGING THE MESSAGE.   

For them Ebola was a political crisis,  another tool to use to control the behavior of the American People.

Note again in the Obama 2014 photo, – the body language of our National Village Idiot.  How much does he know about infectious diseases or managing a national or world health crisis.

Did he learn anything as Obama’s horse-holder?

More HERE on Trump’s Coronavirus Team:

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