CNN Cuts Off Their Own Reporter

Posted July 14th, 2016 by Iron Mike

What,  – you thought CNN was still a NEWS network?   Silly you!   Most reporters these days have no historical frame of reference.
CNN cuts off Brianna Keilar
But here 35-yr old Brianna Keilar is doing a commendable job of relating the relevance of Hillary’s anti-cop campaign remarks to her previous harsh anti-crime [read anti-black] positions in the 1990s,…when CNN abruptly cut her feed…. 40-second video below the fold:

Watch – it happens at the 40 second mark….as soon as Brianna says the words “mass incarceration”…

CNN” no longer means ‘Cable News Network’; – it now means Clinton News Network!  They’ve taken sides, – and you’re not on their side unless you have a Hillary bumper sticker…..

Brianna Keilar

Remember Folks,  we can no longer trust most of the so-called ‘news outlets’;  – YOU have to be the reporters of the TRUTH!

Kind of sad that around the world reporters and bloggers are killed – by governments, goons, drug cartels, and the police, – for reporting the TRUTH.

Here CNN and other media have eagerly surrendered their precious freedom to become the propaganda ministers of the progressive left….

Joseph Goebbels

2 Responses to “CNN Cuts Off Their Own Reporter”

  1. Panther 6

    Mike; They can’t stand the truth. There isn’t a glimmer of hope for CNN.

  2. Marie Pecore

    It’s so blatant and in your face…yet those who know not how to think …will let it go right over their heads..