CLUES: Joe Biden Has Parkinson’s

Posted October 13th, 2020 by Iron Mike

If Joe’s wife,  family,  and campaign team (handlers) are helping cover this up,  – it is a huge fraud against the American People.

VIDEO below the fold:

At RRB, we have long said that Biden is suffering from dementia, – – but dementia is just ONE of the symptoms of Parkinson’s – and it comes late in the disease.

Ironic – Biden has always been a coin-operated crook,  willing to sell his vote to the highest bidder.  Now Parkinson’s may save his treasonous ass from Justice.

Biden needs to be examined!

Voters need to KNOW! 

3 Responses to “CLUES: Joe Biden Has Parkinson’s”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    I think I posted once before that I was suspicious Biden’s gait was an indication of Parkinson’s. I have two friends in well advanced stages of the disease and their early stage gait was mirror image of Biden’s…..

  2. panther 6

    I also noticed Joe’s strange gate but had not put it together with possible onslaught of Parkinson’s. Sad if true. Appears every day more like the Dimorats have hitched their cart to a broken horse.

  3. GreenBeretLTC

    Panther 6:

    Biden was never the Left’s first choice. He never has been. He started a campaign in 1984 but chickened out because he didn’t want to face Reagan, who eventually had a 49-state landslide vs Mondale. Then he was chased out of the 1988 primary for plagiarism, lying about his resume (which he still does….) and for just being plain stupid. He tried again in 2008 but finished 5th in Iowa, so he bailed then, as well.

    This time, however, from the get go, Biden was probably considered more electable than Sanders and the Socialists and assorted other fruitloops on their debate stage. I think the Left got behind him because they were well assured he wouldn’t select Bozo or Yang or any of the another primary outliers and would have been comfortable with any of the Socialists (minus Sanders, of course…) as VP, so they backed him. Then, if elected, he’d pull his own plug for medical reasons and the Left would get their Socialist president by default. As insurance, check out Pelousy’s 25th Amendment move…..

    Just sayin’…..

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