Clintons Close Political Slush Fund

Posted January 16th, 2017 by Iron Mike

They’re following every legal step in keeping with NY Laws to notify the State of a “plant shutdown”….

How very fortunate that once they were both ‘lawyers‘….   So how are they disbursing the leftover money…?

The entire CGI Scheme took advantage of Canadian laws – which FORBID charities from revealing who their donors are…..

So,…seedy and evil foreign donors could send their political offerings to the Canadian Office, – which would forward them to the NYC office….

And of course both Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch were in on the scheme – so the Clintons were never really investigated…

Both probably were promised Supreme Court nominations….

…now they’ll have to find real jobs…..

And Jeff Sessions cannot be confirmed soon enough!

How many more witnesses will have to be Arkancided?

6 Responses to “Clintons Close Political Slush Fund”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    Maybe Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions (Man, I love the ring of that….) will take a look….

  2. Christopher Maider

    I am waiting for one (or more) of these foreign donors to quietly dispatch these two.. More appropriate for modern days would be some sudden illness and……

  3. The old scout

    The Clintons have been robbing America for way to long!!! What they have done is nothing short of rapeing the public!!! Prision seems to easy!!!

  4. integrity 1st

    But I don’t understand?!?! Why wouldn’t they want to continue these good works?!?!?! OH…no point now.

  5. Jim Gettens

    The Clinton Foundation itself is next. Australia just cut its contribution to $0, Norway cut its contribution by 87%…

    You can bet “Bleach Bit” and shredders are being run to the MAX.

  6. Theredhead

    Will these criminals EVER be convicted of SOMETHING these dirty sleazy people! What about that whole Pizzagate? May they rot in hell when they get there because that is the only place that these two will be allowed in after all that they have done.