Clinton Witnesses Start Committing Arkancide

Posted July 14th, 2017 by Iron Mike

My friend Tom Gilroy (God rest his soul) used to say “…there are NO COINCIDENCES in politics,…the dots are ALWAYS connected!”

So when people who have dirt – or know dirt – on the Clintons start committing ‘suicide’ in motel rooms….it’s time for us to start paying attention,…and for all surviving Clinton associates to update their wills.  There is a team out there eliminating any and all witnesses!

You can research the backgrounds yourself. 

Peter Smith was a Chicago businessman – and long-time GOP activist who had attempted to obtain those 30,000 “personal emails” that Hillary had deleted.

Peter committed ‘suicide’ by filling his room with helium,  – even left a note assuring authorities that ‘there was no foul play involved’.

Klaus Eberwein was a former director of Haiti’s Economic Development Agency – who shot himself in the head in a Miami motel room.   Do you happen to recall how much of the Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund Bill Clinton managed to rip off when Hillary was SecState…?

If you EVER worked with or for the Clintons – in ANY capacity – it’s time to update your will and get your affairs in order!

3 Responses to “Clinton Witnesses Start Committing Arkancide”

  1. MC

    Remember the UN Official John Ashe killed the day before he was to testify against Hillary. Death by barbell. Her fixer is getting more imaginative. Wonder what the actual number is.

  2. Jim Gettens

    Here are details on Mr. Smith’s suicide:

    Haven’t checked out the other one yet.

  3. Jim Gettens

    Here are facts on Eberwein. He checked out before his scheduled appearance in a fraud investigation.