Clinton News Network Admits Defeat?

Posted July 26th, 2019 by Iron Mike

WHAT WILL THEY DO NOW?   Report on REAL news?

Is there anybody left working at The Propaganda Ministry who remembers how to do REPORTING and EDITING of actual NEWS?   Will sponsors return?

2 Responses to “Clinton News Network Admits Defeat?”

  1. panther 6

    Well the Hearing did not get the demorats what they wanted and overall was an embarrassment for Nadler and his henchmen. It also cast in question Mueller’s health and who really wrote the report.

    Bottom line the likes of Nadler and other left wing idiots will not stop trying to nail our President. Stand by it could get interesting.

  2. Jim Buba

    Nothing worse than being a democrat and being soaked with a 55-gal barrel of Reality.