Clinton’s Sestak Tangle

Posted May 30th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Another Democratic President – Another Web Of Lies
And Bill Clinton becomes a Chicago Bagman!

First let’s take a quick look at Congressman Joe Sestak,  (D)PA 7th.   He is a recently retired Navy Admiral [2nd generation academy grad] whose career was ended abruptly by incoming CNO Mike Mullen in ’05.  He promptly ran for Congress and won.  He has a Masters and a PhD from Harvard.  It would seem that Harvard’s liberal poison seeped into every pore.  Maybe Joe was receptive – when his daughter was a child she survived brain cancer.

But Joe is reliably über-liberal – a rare thing in a service veteran -at least since LBJ and Carter.  He’s pro-abortion and anti-gun, he voted for the “Stimulus”, for Cap&Tax, ObamaCare, and the pro-union Card Check.  He is for ending the Bush tax cuts and he’s pretty much for anything Henry Waxman and Al Gore can cook up on the environment.  In 2008 he defeated a former Marine by a healthy margin.  He began to have higher ambitions, and was eyeballing the Senate seat held by RiNO Arlen Specter.

Then Specter started feeling TEA Party and Real Republican anger over all the Obama bills he was supporting.  You know the story, “to protect his career” Benedict Arnold Specter switched parties – becoming a DemocRat.  Strangely, this new DemocRat was more attractive to the Obama White House than was the reliably liberal Sestak.  And as 2009 drew to a close, there was a Democratic Primary race heating up in Pennsylvania.  It was more interesting, since with Specter now running as a Rat,  real Republicans were seeing that seat as winnable.

So somebody in the WH – probably Obama’s handlers – Emanuel, Axelrod, and Jarrett, decided that Sestak was a threat to Specter.  They don’t want the already battered Specter weakened by a primary race.  The problem is how to head off Joe Sestak, – who has been gaining steam [campaign money].  Follow so far?

The Chicago Goons come up with a plan:  offer Sestak a job he might really want – Secretary of the Navy – if he’ll pull out of the race and let Specter carry the banner.  Oh of course they knew that such an offer is illegal, but when did some stinkin’ law ever stop a true Chicago goon?  Forgetaboutit! 

They knew that being SecNav would be attractive to Joe.  A chance to end the careers of the people who’d ended his.  A chance to be in Mike Mullen’s face nearly every day.  A chance to elevate his own buddies to high commands and key jobs.  If Sestak had been Chicago-raised he’d likely have gone for it.  But it ~ seems ~ he was liking his new life as a lawmaker.  It ~ seems ~ he either refused or was very slow to say yes.  And the campaign in Pennsylvania was heating up.  Specter’s numbers were looking bad, – so bad he started running negative adds about Joe’s naval career problems.

The goons may have forgotten a small detail.  In early 2008, Sestak had been a Hillary supporter.  Just my hunch, but I’m betting he actually doesn’t like Obama that much.  He may not have wanted him as a direct boss.

ENTER BILL CLINTON – STAGE LEFT:  At some point former President Bill Clinton has a “conversation” with Sestak.  Hard to know what was actually said between these two – one a proven perjurer with a forfeited law license, the other a politically ambitions über-liberal balancing political ambition against a chance for some revenge.

But was Bill Clinton carrying the White House offer for a second go at Sestak?  Was Sestak holding out for something in writing?  Or had Sestak already seen enough of Obama, the goon squad, and the Navy?  Or has Specter – known for vengeance himself – threatened to torpedo Sestak’s SecNav confirmation in the Senate?  In the end the deciding factor may have been an inner voice telling Joe that being SecNav requires real work, and at a level which is above his pay grade.  He’d maxed out his Peter Principle commanding a destroyer.

Whatever the truth,  Sestak let it be known he’d been offered a job by the White House to drop out of the race.  In doing so he made himself a sympathetic figure to all the remaining real democrats who by now were feeling fooled and betrayed by Obama’s socialism.  Sestak was gaining momentum even as the WH goons were scrambling to concoct a cover story.

Cover Story #1:   Sestak wasn’t offered SecNav [illegal] – he was offered an unpaid seat on an advisory board [maybe legal].  Problem:  a sitting member of congress cannot legally sit on an advisory board.  Oops!

Cover Story #2:   Bill Clinton was just sent to persuade Joe to back away – just for the good of the party – sort of like a scene from the Godfather.  If you buy this version, then Bill Clinton has been reduced to a bagman for the Chicago goons.

Cover Story #3:   Bill Clinton – ever the pushy and ambitious schemer – was acting totally on his own to broker a deal to curry favor with Obama and his goons – a vain attempt to prove he was still a political mover.

Cover Story #4:  Bill Clinton – ever the pushy and ambitious schemer – was acting on his own to get the whole plot leaked and weaken the Obama presidency so that Hillary could challenge him for the nomination in 2012.

On May 18th the Democratic voters of Pennsylvania made a choice.  The wanted nothing to do with their “new Rat”.  Specter’s remaining days in the US Senate will be an asterisk.  He’s dead meat on a stick.  Joe Sestak will run for the now-empty seat.

You on the other hand will be hearing about the Sestak – SecNav job offer for a few more years.  Bill Clinton will bask in the glory of again being at the center of attention, and for having successfully tainted the Obama goons in a way that Sestak’s accusations could never have.  I figure there’s got to be a buxom wench embedded somewhere in this story.  With Bubba, there just has to be!

The Obama White House – in an abundance of transparency – has already investigated itself and had WH council Robert Bauer issue a release saying that nothing illegal took place, – that Sestak had been offered only an unpaid advisory position [which he couldn’t legally accept].  Think Bauer will ever repeat that under oath?

And Joe Sestak?  Well so far he still hasn’t said who in the WH made the initial offer, or EXACTLY WHAT it was.  By so doing he is both trying to mend fences with Obama & Company, and proving that he is NOT a man of honor. He is covering up a felony.  Since he can’t run for both his House seat and the Senate in November, – he may lose both.  I sure hope so!

   /s/  Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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  1. MC

    What was that old quotation “What a tangled web we weave…” I can’t imagine Clinton doing this without first getting something promised in return. Clinton would think this ” fun ” as in getting something over on the other guy. Think of the damage that Clinton’s staff did to the White House when they left. I also think the local resident should be added to your list of three. With his narcissist personality, nothing could go on without his knowledge.