Climate Change With Bloody Eye Biden

Posted September 5th, 2019 by Iron Mike

CNN held a carefully scripted “Town Hall Debate” on CLIMATE CHANGE – Wednesday night,  – behind closed doors and before a carefully screened studio audience.  The full thing was scheduled for 7 hours….

Few watched,  and all that will be remembered is Joe Biden’s eyeball hemorrhage. video:

By itself a subconjuctive hemorrhage is not a big deal, (I’ve had them myself),  – but when added to Joe’s history of serious health problems….and his age,…and that it happened during the stress of a key debate,…maybe Democrats should re-think their front-runner….

It WILL become very important – who Joe picks as his running mate….because he’s unlikely to last until January 2025.

THE BLOODY EYEBALL is hardly as scary as the number of Democrat candidates and young Americans who have swallowed first “Global Warming” and now “Climate Change” – hook, line, and sinker….

The ringleaders know it is the Left’s way of conditioning the population into accepting Government Warnings as being honest and FACT BASED….

…and to accepting WITHOUT QUESTION government edicts to change your behavior, your eating habits, and how you live….

.all for that day when you’ve surrendered your GUNS (for “public safety”),…and the troops come to load you onto boxcars.

Hyperbole?  Not even! 

Remember that the true hard-core progressives – the ones who absolutely KNOW that they’re smarter than you – also fully believe that Mother Earth cannot continue to sustain her 7 Billion People.

They believe that about 1 Billion is the “ideal number for sustainability”  – and their minions have been teaching this in our public schools for 20 – 30 years….

NOT EXPLAINED….is what they plan to do with those “excess 6 Billion”.


3 Responses to “Climate Change With Bloody Eye Biden”

  1. panther 6

    Joe is over the hill and should drop out of the race. This next debate may decide it for him.

    He has truly done little to make the USA better after all his year in politics.

  2. Walter Knight

    I think Biden well represents opinion in the Democrat Party. He’s the Village Idiot leading other village idiots.

  3. Mt Woman

    Fully agree with Walter, Joe Biden is the
    comfortable village idiot leading the pack of similar idiots to campaign failure. Subconjunctival hemorrhage or not, Joe is faltering mentally and physically. He needs to step down as his time has passed, but my guess is that he will stay in the race and he won’t get out of the race anytime soon.