Clash Of Icons: Schlafly vs Sanger

Posted September 7th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Phyllis Schlafly died Monday and almost nobody under 50 has a clue who she was,  and how hard she struggled against the Progressive Left – in both political parties.  They also know nearly nothing about Margaret Sanger – the “Dark Evil Angel of the Democrat Party”.
Phyllis Schlafly Margaret Sanger
This election – the contest between Trump and Clinton – is really a continuation of a nearly 100 year struggle for the dignity of all Americans vs the rule by some self-appointed elites.

Ayn RandIn the same way that author and futurist Ayn Rand could look into the future and envision the corrupting influences of bad policies and bad politics,…Phyllis Schlafly was a visionary of incredible accuracy.

She understood the true liberal agenda behind the drive for the Equal Rights Amendment,  – that it in fact had nothing to do with “equal rights for women” – but rather everything to do with the corruption of traditional Christian culture and the American nuclear family.

While the ERA was never ratified by the necessary number of states (thanks to Schlafly’s work five states actually rescinded their ratification),  – many of it’s provisions have slowly crept into law in other ways,…some through Congress, – some through various state legislatures, – and some by Royal Decree (i.e. Presidential Executive Orders, – such as Obama decreeing that women can be Rangers and SEALs).

Nowhere do we see Schlafly’s darkest predictions coming truer than in America’s inner city ghettos, – where 72% of Black babies are born to single mothers – usually teenagers who have dropped out of school.

In the 1960s and 1970s, America was faced with the very real likelihood of repelling hordes of Russian tanks charging into Western Europe – while simultaneously trying to stop hordes of Chinese infantry swarming south into Southeast Asia and onto the islands of the Philippines.

Schlafly understood that the ERA could easily mean teenage women drafted in huge numbers to be used as cannon fodder, – even as liberal congresswomen like Pat Schroeder wanted women in combat roles – believing that was the only way they could ever achieve political parity with men – if they could brag about commanding large units in combat.

Schroeder and her ilk were willing to use women as cannon fodder to gain the perception of political equality with men….

Kind of helps you understand why Democrats aren’t bothered by 4 dead Americans in Benghazi…..just so long as nobody can pin the blame on Hillary.

Schlafly was the mother of 6 kids herself,  – and understood that if a mom wanted to stay at home and raise her kids,  – she wasn’t giving up any ‘equality’;  – she was making a choice that was comfortable for her.

From the late 1970s on – there was enormous social and media pressure on young women – especially young mothers – to park their infants in day care centers and charge back into the corporate rat race,  – to prove their equality,  – and to break the glass ceiling….

…all part of the Left’s ongoing effort to shatter the nuclear family and substitute ‘government’ for Mom and Dad…..

Schlafly endorsed Trump

In start contrast,   the Democrat’s Political Goddess is a lifelong racist and baby-butcherMargaret Sanger.

Sanger and ministers

If the Republican party was founded to free Black slaves,…

Margaret Sanger and her followers wanted to kill them!

Her organization was founded on the principles of eugenics,  – the idea that certain races were genetically superior to others, – and that the inferior ones should not be allowed to breed.

It grew into Planned Parenthood – where even today the majority of babies killed are poor and Black.

And Hillary Clinton is Sanger’s biggest fan!

Cecile Richards campaigns with Hillary

Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood – has her nose so far up Hillary’s ass (to ensure continued government funding) – that she must be able to breathe through her ears….

Cecile Richards with Hillary

Ask a Democrat to explain:   WHY is it ‘racist’ for Trump to want to build wall and deport illegal Mexicans,…..

.but not racist for Hillary to endorse mass murder of millions of Black babies…?

Ask ’em: “Are Mexican babies worth more than Black babies…?

One Response to “Clash Of Icons: Schlafly vs Sanger”

  1. Catherine

    While there were a few good results from the “women’s movement” of the 70’s (not immediately getting fired from a job for being pregnant, wage parity when doing a demonstrably-equal job), even those have largely been outweighed by the negatives.

    It astounds me how younger women refuse to see that the “women’s movement” has utterly destroyed respect for the natural functions that *only* women ca do – like have babies and nurse them, and also for areas of traditional women’s responsibility (like raising those children). Any woman who wants to stay home with her kids is now disparaged for any number of spurious reasons. Any work she does for those kids and her family in general is disrespected. She is, herself, considered a less-worthwhile person for not wanting to slog away at some corporate job while strangers raise, educate (=brainwash), and feed her kids.

    The only “freedom” women have today – thanks to the women’s movement – is to pretend to be men, with careers being first-and-foremost, and the family nonsense all hired out, preferably to low-wage illegal pseudo-slaves – oops, I mean “undocumented workers”.