Clark Just Wanted A Nice Home…

Posted October 20th, 2021 by Iron Mike

With Pelosi and Biden trying to squander $3.5 Trillion, –  and the IRS worried about your $700.oo gun purchase, – Clark’s swindle seems almost trivial…

2 Responses to “Clark Just Wanted A Nice Home…”

  1. Randy Partridge

    He just wanted some of his hard earned tax dollars back. These are the people that “built this place!”

    It’s not necessarily black privilege as to why he won’t be prosecuted, it’s ideological. Dems protect blacks, but not black conservatives. They attack them with a viscousness that is untethered. These rate independent thinkers are usually well battle-tested since they oppose the conformist, monolithic, rigid groupthink that reliably skews already rigged elections. The actual Dem base is in my opinion about 20% of the population. They’re just the most violent and dishonest and corrupt and the most committed.

    If there’s Republican won election it’s because of a landslide that made it too difficult to cheat. The willingness of these low brow simpletons to vote for a living and have no moral objections to corruption is what makes them valuable to Dems and therefore pandered to by the media, impervious to the judicial system, and above the law like these two bell curvers…

  2. Michael W Dane

    They must have crossed someone along the way to have charges brought . How long until they pull the race card?