CJ Pearson Proves Obama A Coward

Posted September 24th, 2015 by Iron Mike

Just Imagine:   You’ve got the Pope of Rome and the President of China visiting – simultaneously. Together they represent nearly 3 BILLION PEOPLE.
Gutless Obama fights CJ Pearson |
But your fight of the day – actually overnight, – was to block a 13-year old critic from your Twitter feed?    Then you have a staff puke deny it? Totally gutless!

If Obama [known for years to be ‘thin-skinned’ about criticism] is this scared by a 13-year old critic,  just imagine how scared he is of Putin,  ISIS,  the Drug Cartels,  China,   the NorKs, Fox News,  and Lew Dobbs…. And of course Michelle…

CJ Pearson Twitter


2 Responses to “CJ Pearson Proves Obama A Coward”

  1. Hawk1776

    A man is judged by his deeds. History will judge Obama harshly.

  2. Jim Gettens

    I’d call that the Kenyan-Muslim-Commie being a ‘Twussy.”