CIA Director Brennan: Email HACKED!

Posted October 21st, 2015 by Iron Mike

By a so-far mysterious teenager?     Yeah!
Brennan Duh Factor
When Brennan was appointed Director-CIA,  I knew instantly that Obama had no intention of keeping America safe.  To put this doofus slug in charge of our premier spy agency – charged with collecting and analyzing information from the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, or the Far East; – – unimaginable.   Unless,…

Obama Hates Us…unless you understand the depths of Obama’s hatred of America….and his desire to weaken and destroy us….

So now we learn that a teenager has successfully hacked into Brennan’s private AOL email account, and copied hundreds of pages of sensitive documents, – to include:

–  Brennan’s 47-page security clearance application

–  social security #s of more than a DOZEN top security officials [Brennan, really, – what the HELL were you thinking?]

–  memos on ‘harsh interrogation techniques’

This hacker ‘cracka‘ even managed to call into Brennan – and read his SocSec # to him…!

Brennan's Cracka hacker

If Brennan had half a brain, – he’d track the kid down and OFFER HIM A JOB!

Brennan  confused

Can you ~ imagine ~ how embarrassed most CIA people are today – to have this thick-headed Irish mutt as their boss?   Sheesh!

One Response to “CIA Director Brennan: Email HACKED!”

  1. Hawk1776

    This is another baffling event. Every public official is a target for hackers. Big fish, such as the Director of the CIA, are particular targets. With the assets he has available how could Brennan not have taken precautions against being hacked? This reminds me of the Casey Stengel saying “can’t anyone here play this game”? This entire administration is amateurish and a total embarrassment.