Chuck Schumer Loses Another Toady!

Posted November 18th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Florida’s 3-term left-wing senator – Bill Nelson (42 years on the Public Payroll) – has conceded that Republican Rick Scott has more votes, – after 12 days of problem-plagued manual and machine recounting.   Florida and our Young Republic dodge yet another bullet!  Thank you Dear Lord!

Now under their new Governor Rick DeSantis,  Florida needs to purge their voter rolls and fire the corrupt and incompetent people who continue to be a source of national embarrassment.

At RRB, we strongly believe that “TERM LIMITS” are already part of our Constitutional form of government; – they’re called ELECTIONS!

As in the case of Bill Nelson, – Florida Democrats CHOSE to return him to power – election-after-election.  He accumulated 42 years on the Public Payroll – and on both Florida’s and the House Pension System.  His remaining time on Earth will be lived in comfort.

US Senate      18 years

Fla Treasurer   6 years

US House       12 years

Florida House  6 years

Check a map.  Florida is a HUGE state, – and while there are crowded cities,  – many folks live in relatively isolated rural communities – with LONG 911 response times….

Yet Senator Nelson proudly carries an “F” rating from the NRA.  He doesn’t want you owning guns.

Wanna bet he lives out his days in a gated and guarded community?

Like Hillary, Nelson just LOST an election totally RIGGED for him!

4 Responses to “Chuck Schumer Loses Another Toady!”

  1. Kojack

    More good news in FL…..

    I was watching F&F this morning while sipping my coffee and they showed a clip of an interview with Rick DeSantis in which he ALMOST came out and said he was going to fire Brenda Snipes(finally).

  2. panther6

    Ref: Ms Snipes, either she resigns or Gov DeSantis fires her post haste. The woman is a total incompetent and possibly guilty of criminal acts beyond just being late with her counts. I am embarrassed for our State given this voting fiasco.

  3. thomas gerald browne

    In addition to getting rid of all the corrupt vote counters, Florida should require voter ID, this would eliminate a lot of illegal voting.


    And there Thomas you have just thrust a dagger into the very heart of Democrat politics.

    They run candidates on charm, sex appeal, name recognition, and inflated résumés; – NOT on their history of real accomplishments.

    Their political platforms and strategies involve “FREE STUFF” and pitting one group against another, – NOT what is best for the Nation.

    For generations they gotten elected through systemic VOTER FRAUD, – so they have ZERO INCENTIVE to purge voter rolls (like Georgia did) and demand valid ID to vote.

    How do you THINK Obama got elected….

  4. integrity 1st

    I’m hoping AG BOND will prosecute this corruption. She’s an outspoken Trumper so let’s go!