Chuck & Charlie – Separated At Birth?

Posted December 3rd, 2010 by Iron Mike

OK, maybe it’s a stretch, but do you suppose these guys are actually related?

Chuck Turner of Boston and Charlie Rangel of NYC

No People, I’m not stereotyping Black politicians.  ‘Take-a-Buck’ Chuck Turner didn’t take a cash bribe for a liquor license because he’s black.  He took it because he is arrogant and corrupt.  Now with a federal criminal conviction and being just voted off the Boston City Council he remains unapologetic and arrogant – calling himself a ‘modern day Rosa Parks’.  Not even close Chuck.

Korean War hero Charlie Rangel wasn’t convicted by the House Ethics Committee of 11 of 13 ethics violations because he’s black.  If anything, they tried to avoid that hearing specifically because he is black.  But Charlie was defiant and demanded a full hearing.  Then when he got one he walked out. The man who authored our tax codes failed to pay his own full taxes for some 17 years.  He used a NYC rent-controlled apartment as a campaign headquarters.  He used Congressional stationary for personal fund raising.  Today Charlie is unapologetic and defiant.  Even after his censure he remains arrogant.  

They are related by the arrogance of having enjoyed decades of special privilege, and for having their numerous transgressions overlooked specifically because they are black.  

People were afraid to be called ‘racist’ for pointing out their arrogance and their flouting of the laws.  So these men learned [wrongly] that they could get away with things which would put you and I in the clink.

Turner is 70.  He won’t do well in prison, and his attitude won’t win him any sympathy with whatever judge ends up sentencing him.  Rangel is 80.  Come January 20th he will be part of the Democratic minority in the House.  He will be less than powerless.  For him Congress is no longer going to be a fun place.  If people start dropping dimes, it could get a lot worse.

For young people aspiring to a career in politics, these men offer a cautionary pause for reflection.  Whatever good they may have done as younger men, they will forever carry the title of ‘Convicted”.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!     

Any of you old enough to remember this guy and his saga?


UPDATE:  As of 10:15 PM Friday, I’ve had just one (1) student of political history tell me who this guy is. 

Come on Folks – you can do better than that.  Who is he?




UPDATE: Tuesday, 25 Jan 2011 – US District Judge Douglas Woodlock gives Chuck Turner 3 years in the Federal prison system to think about his past and his future. 

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  1. dannap

    Adam Clayton Powell, “The Great Society”


    BINGO! Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. former Congressman from Harlem – the guy who had the seat before Rangel. He was expelled – than ran for his own empty seat and won.