Christy Has The Last Laugh

Posted November 2nd, 2010 by Iron Mike

In Yarmouth tonight Christy Mihos could be having a well-deserved last laugh.  But I know he’s not laughing any more than I am.  A night that saw sanity return to many congressional districts and many states across our proud Young Republic saw Massachusetts MoonBats re-up the same team of Socialists that have led us to 10+% unemployment and an unending vista of empty storefronts.

OBummer will have to learn to work and play with others.  Duh-val Patrick can thumb his nose for at least another two years.

Our entire 10-Socialist Congressional delegation will return to Congress feeling validated, vindicated, and mandated to continue dumbing America down into third world status.  

Your wealth isn’t really yours you see.  All ‘money’ is really government money – because if nothing else the government prints it, and if you ‘earned’ any more than some other citizen – well you were taking unfair advantage of somebody somewhere.  

Only our Mass MoonBats may have outsmarted themselves.  These ten Congressmen/woman will now be in the minority party, and out of power.  Nancy Pelosi won’t be able to help them at all.  They have survived the Tsunami of 2010, but now they must plan for 2012.

And with virtually no change in the State House – you can assume very little progress on our blighted economy and our high unemployment.  We are likely to lose a congressional seat in 2011, so these ‘heroes of the People’s Revolution’ can start to scratch and claw and bite each other over towns and precincts as they carve up what’s left.

Part of this I think was that many Democrats were angry for having stayed home in the snowstorm and not voted back on January 19th.   Today our weather was fine and they weren’t afraid to drive their Civics and Priuses to the polls.  So Martha Coakley – the most unethical AG in the land gets re-elected, and is thus positioned for a Scott Brown rematch in 2012.  

My congresswoman – the third dumbest after Maxine Waters and Sheila Jackson Lee – will have a job for the next two years – convinced that she is a heroine to her MoonBats.  She’s right, she is!  They don’t care how she votes on any issue.  They’re just comfortable with a woman their age in the seat – period.

How truly “Democrat” is this state? 

Suzanne Bump who claims TWO (2) PRIMARY homes wins over Mary Z who is a career auditor.  And John Tierney whose wife just pleaded GUILTY to FOUR FELONIES wins re-election, along with Jim McGovern who is on the record saying our Constitution is wrong.  

Hey, I guess after Ted Kennedy killed his pregnant girlfriend, MassHoles will overlook and forgive anything – if you have a “D” by your name.

I can’t wait to see how Party Chair Barbie spins this one.  It sure won’t improve Mitt’s chances in Iowa!  I’m sure Lurch will try to find a TV camera crew tomorrow . . . . [oh Gawd!]. 

Hillary must be laughing her fat azz off!  Somehow I bet she visits here again pretty soon; after all, Bill pulled it off for Barney.  [Yeah, I know, . . . it’s a bad night. ]

Can you believe our American Revolution actually started here?  These idiots would give the country back to King George if he promised them “free health care” and “guaranteed happiness”.

Gotta find me a Red State!   Grrr!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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