Christopher Wray Takes A Thankless Job

Posted August 1st, 2017 by Iron Mike

The US Senate voted 92 : 5 to confirm him,  – both an expression of confidence in his integrity,  and a yearning for new clean untainted leadership at the top of that troubled agency.

Chris takes over an utterly thankless job – with many stinking piles of shit waiting to be shoveled:

First is the investigation of Russians colluding with Trump – being led by Robert Mueller – where former FBI Director Jim Comey is a star witness, – as is Acting Director Andrew McCabe – whose wife took Clinton money for her Virginia Senate run.

And the matter of members of Trump’s White House staff leaking state secrets to the media….

Then there is the ‘matter’ of Hillary’s private server – and the fake investigation conducted (whitewashed) by Jim Comey…

AND,…Hillary’s ties to the Russian uranium deal….

AND,…Hillary’s collusion with the Ukrainian government to undermine Trump…

AND,…the Benghazi arms smuggling debacle…and Hillary lying under OATH…

AND,…Fast & Furious…Hillary’s plot to smuggle arms to the Sinaloa drug cartel in Mexico….

Once he’s sworn in,  Wray will have the authority to fire or demote McCabe,  and to fire Mueller,  – and appoint a new – less political – Special Counsel to replace him.

And on the West Coast,  – there is the matter of the murder of LaVoy Finicum,  where FBI Agent W. Joseph Astarita has been indicted for his role – and for lying to investigators.

Maybe this is why Oregon’s two senators didn’t want an honest director…?

Voting against Wray were the two MassHole MoonBatsSquaw and Markey, – along with Oregon’s two commies Merkley and Wyden,  – and NY’s blonde ditz Gillibrand.

August and September are looking to be full of headlines!

One Response to “Christopher Wray Takes A Thankless Job”

  1. Kojack

    I’ve never heard of Christopher Wray. I just hope this is one of Trump’s better picks.

    “fire Mueller, – and appoint a new – less political – Special Counsel to replace him.”

    I wanna see a PRO-TRUMP special counsel. Its time for revenge against the DEMOCRAPS/ESTABLISHMENT. They need to learn that payback is a bitch.