Christopher Wray: Bobble Headed Apologist

Posted June 14th, 2018 by Iron Mike

If ever a leader was needed – and found absent,  it was this afternoon’s press conference by the FBI Director – in response to the DOJ IG findings.

You’d think Wray is tone deaf…. (video)

OK, yes,  he did have to spend some time sticking up for the rank-and-file agents and employees.   They’re not the problem,  and their morale matters….

But he seems far too bureaucratic when dealing with those in key leadership positions who were clearly acting on political motivation – NOT law enforcementwhen they let Hillary off the hook.

But Wray was ~ almost ~ making a ‘no comment’….

Trump needs to find a better tougher cop to run the agency!

2 Responses to “Christopher Wray: Bobble Headed Apologist”

  1. Mt Woman

    I’m so sick of them all, just so corrupt. Bias abounds, yet all still collect their big paychecks. Nothing will change, it’s way too deep and insidious. The FBI in DC should have a name change to: CYA!

  2. hddan

    Is anyone surprised at a cover-up? Did anyone really think that anything would come of this? Just look at our own state. Has the State Police been cleaned up after the judge’s daughter scandal? What about all of the unworked overtime pay? How about our gay married senator’s husband? Let’s be realistic, EVERYTHING is so corrupt that there is no turning back. Every politician lies during campaigns. They hate President Trump because he is doing what he promised, so they are all trying to bring him down. Business as usual. Nothing ever changes.