Christine Ford’s Testimony BLOWN APART!

Posted October 2nd, 2018 by Iron Mike

Oh SHIT Girl – a witness from your PAST!   As always happens – a LIAR’S TALE comes undone in the end.  If you watched Dr. Ford’s sworn testimony,  – you saw a well-rehearsed liar planted before the Committee simply to buy time to scuttle the Kavanaugh nomination.  She wasn’t credible,  – and now a former live-in boyfriend blows her story asunder.

He may be unduly naïve,  – thinking that he can remain anonymous and unscathed in this bloody arena.  He won’t; – and is likely to be outed before the sun rises.   But his story totally destroys Ford’s tale of being ‘assaulted and traumatized’ for life.

As I post this entry late Tuesday evening,  – somewhere Christine Blasey Ford is also reading the news,  – and knows that her former boyfriend has just blown her story and her reputation wide open.

That she continued to use his credit card – and then brazenly denied it…tells you exactly how dishonest and unscrupulous – and opportunistic – she really is.   The pattern of deceit is now established!

Now we’ll find out if Attorney General Jeff Sessions has the honor and the balls to charge this woman – and her Soros attorneys – with PERJURY before the US Senate!

You know the phones are ringing late into the night is the DC homes of the Senate Democrats.  They’ll likely be a tad tight-lipped come Wednesday morning….

QUESTION for Dianne Feinstein:  You SAT on the FORD LETTER for 6 weeks;  – were you so giddy that you never thought to look into the background of your SURPRISE 11th HOUR STAR WITNESS?

Just exactly how many times did Dr. Ford LIE under OATH?

4 Responses to “Christine Ford’s Testimony BLOWN APART!”

  1. Mt Woman

    This is pitiful!!! How Dr Ford and her evil ilk can so easily falsify events to fit their socialistic agenda is sad. Without a second glance, this group from the resistance felt no remorse about smearing and trying to ruin the life of a good, honest and hard working man. Even if he is confirmed to the SJC, the left will continue to ensure that he will forever be marked as a man with questionable integrity. Like I said, PITIFUL!!!


    It’s worse than ‘pitiful’ Mt. Woman – it’s PURE EVIL!

    Their whole anti-Kavanaugh campaign is simply about insuring that the ABORTION INDUSTRY remains untouched.

    There is SO MUCH GOVERNMENT MONEY in the business of killing unborn babies (mostly Black babies) – that Planned Parenthood can dictate to Democrats how to vote – and PROMISE them a well-funded primary opponent if they stray from the bloody path.

  2. Sherox

    Jeff Sessions will prove himself to be a spineless jellyfish.

  3. Kojack

    All 3 comments are so true. The pure EVIL in this cannot be over emphasized.

    Regarding “doctor” Ford, I Knew as soon as I heard her that she was LIAR on the order of LIE-A-WATHA.

  4. Panther 6

    Surely more and more Americans are waking up to the charade the demorats are running in D.C. in an effort to ruin Judge K’s nomination. Now Corey Booker is calling for another nominee and for the President to dump Kavanaugh. There is no depth to which they will not go to preserve Planned Parenthood and Roe VS Wade.

    We can only hope that this will end with a dumping and resounding defeat of the demorat party on 6 NOV.