Chris Christie Takes On Hillary

Posted June 7th, 2015 by Iron Mike

For over 100 years,  Democrats have been mastering the fine art of controlling both who votes – and which ballots get counted.  Suddenly – Hillary Clinton sees a problem?
Chris Christie v Hillary
In several recent speeches she’s attacked Republicans – including Governors Gary Abbott in Texas and Chris Christie in New Jersey – accusing them of denying voting opportunity to ‘people of color’... Her solution? Universal Voting!

It seems amazingly simple on it’s face – everybody born here gets to vote when they turn 18 years old. Democrats point to other nations where ‘that works perfectly’

Of COURSE the ISSUE is voter fraud, – and the historic perpetrators of city-wide and even state-wide voter fraud has always been the Democratic Party.

So why would Hillary suddenly be worried?

Has her own polling shown that if the election were held today – she’d LOSE?   Does she already know she can’t even win a standard Democrat-rigged election…?

Just 7 months ago Texas pro-abortion Democrat Wendy Davisrunning on a platform which mirrored Hillary’s – was crushed 59:39 by wheelchair bound Greg Abbott.   Was the 2016 handwriting already on the wall?

Thus this past week – 18 full months before November 2016 – she has launched a preemptive counter-attack. It serves her two ways:

a.  It gives Democrat activists – those über-loyal mindless MoonBats – an issue to talk about which isn’t Benghazi or missing emails, – or that pesky Clinton Global Initiative with all those donations from Muslim Kings.

b. Melowese It lets her set the dialogue on the campaign train for the next few days – maybe even a few weeks.  Stupid voters will buy into it,  – and the Democratic Party is built on a broad base of stupid voters.

Chris Christe – who ~ may ~ be running as a Republican candidate, isn’t one to let her get away with it.

He understands how Democrats win elections.

I mean, – just because a state has cities infested with crime,  drugs,  welfare fraud,  failing schools,  and corrupt city officials,  – why that shouldn’t effect honest fair elections – should it?

One Response to “Chris Christie Takes On Hillary”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Even James Carville, the pundit from the left and staunch ally of the Clinton’s has said publicly that most Democrats don’t have a clue politically, I would say that all Democrats do not have a clue politically. Most states have Motor Voter, early voting what more do they need? The Dems will do anything to win an election, even voter fraud which has been their hallmark.