Chris Christie Feeding Frenzy

Posted January 13th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Democrats are SO afraid of Governor Christie,  they want to impeach him now,  – so Hillary never has to face him in a debate.
Chris Christie Feeding Frenzy
And the Mediahungry and desperate for a story – will cover this not-too-far-from-NYC story because they don’t have to worry about being killed – like Andrew Breitbart.

Christie hugging ObamaNow I’m no big fan of the Governor – since he appointed a Muslim judge, – hugged our Muslim pResident, – and authorized in-state tuition for ILLEGAL aliens.

I’d like the 2016 GOP candidate
to be more conservative

But the double standard is inescapable!   Just how scared of RiNO Christie are Hillary and her socialist sycophants

Let’s face it – Christie stood his ground last Friday in a tough 2-hour press conference – on his feet – and never wavered

Hillary can’t do that now – and by 2016 she may need a walker; – certainly a teleprompter.John Wisniewski

So John Wisniewski – 18 year NJ State Rep from Sayerville and the Amboys – and current Chairman of the NJ State Democratic Party – wants to lead the March to Impeachment.

This is his moment in the national spotlight.   Surely Hillary will reward him come 2017!

And Obama should be very grateful too.   This week his FEMA is failing to deliver enough clean water to West Virginia, – his recess appointments are being scrutinized by the Supreme Court, – his plans to quietly allow Iran to build Atomic Bombs are being blocked by his own party members in the Senate, – and the funeral of Ariel Sharon is highlighting again his evil foreign policy towards Israel and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Yes, Obama will be VERY grateful for anything that distracts the press….

3 Responses to “Chris Christie Feeding Frenzy”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Now they are investigating the money received for Sandy. Did they ever investigate Mayor Nagin over use of the Katrina funds? Christie will be the focus of demonization by the media and the DNC because he is a threat to their darling, Hillary. While he is not a favorite of mine, he can destroy most opponents in a debate and his management of the press is second to none. This diversion is just another episode in the Obama soap opera.

  2. Casey Chapman

    Distractions, distractions.

  3. Anonymous pretzel

    Wait what’s wrong with Muslims?