Chinese Spy Arrested For…Wire Fraud?

Posted January 14th, 2021 by Iron Mike

Trump spent years warning America that China is not interested in being either our ‘friend’ or our ‘trading partner’.   They intend to colonize us;  – those who they don’t kill off – like they did with 60 million of their own.

Their spies are on EVERY college campus – and in EVERY major US industry and business.  They are robbing us blind.

The Chinese have no desire to be our trading “partners”.  They know it can’t work that way,  – the physics, the culture, and the math just don’t work.

They don’t respect us enough to be ‘partners’.  They know we’re poorly educated,  led by corrupt villains,  and we’re easily corrupted with drugs or sex, – or money.  They use all three against us.

The Chinese need food for 1 Billion people – and fuel for their cars.  The USA and Canada produces lots of BOTH.   Why should Americans eat beef when Chinese are still eating bats and dogs?

The Chinese Communist Leadership today is really no different from the warlords 100 years ago, – – or 1,000 years ago, – – or 3,000 years ago.  Then they could command the building of mighty canals and walls…by hand.

Today they send armies of scientific scholars to US Universities,  and armies of hot babes to befriend stupid political wannabes.  Money is no problem.  Most pay for themselves,  – and there is always that huge trade imbalance.  Buy another pair of cheap shoes….

The Chinese had it easy under the Bushes,  Clinton, – and especially under the America-hating Obama. Now they’ll be dealing with a career crook they already own.  They’ve been grooming him and his son for decades.

ASK YOURSELF:   Exactly what was Professor Chen supposed to buy with $29 million dollars?

2 Responses to “Chinese Spy Arrested For…Wire Fraud?”

  1. Jim Buba

    One by one

  2. panther 6

    This is totally out of control and must be stopped. If the book ‘Secret Empires’ is correct, about the Biden Clan links to China, we ae in for a couple of terrible years. The only folks who will gain from a Biden presidency are the Chinese.