Chinese Money Is Enslaving Americans

Posted August 30th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Contrary to what the media and school teachers tell you,  the ChiComs are NOT our “friendly trading partners”,  and they’re only peaceful for the moment because Peace is getting them what they want – the money, industrial prowess, and subservience of America. Trump is trying to change that equation.

In this hour-long interview with Kyle Bass,  Steve Bannon shares his knowledge and views on China’s relentless march toward regional supremacy and global economic domination – aided and abetted by stupid and greedy American business and political leaders.

CAUTION: While most of this is easy enough for a Republican to follow,  – some of it gets deeply into the economic and geopolitical weeds.

No sweat,  the only ‘test’ comes on Election Day.

Sorry about the ads,  – just click through them.  In fact, they make good points to pause the video, sip a beverage, and think about what you just listened to.

As Steve points out – this modern Chinese Empire is built on sand,  and each of their ‘strengths’ is ONLY possible because of American (and European) stupidity and greed.

RRB recommends you watch this again with a young person – one who has been damn near ruined by the bullshit they’re getting in our public schools.

As we often have,  we caution you that the danger is REAL!  The Chinese outnumber us 4 to 1, so they don’t mind losing people.  Mao starved 60,000,000 of them in the 1950 – just to feed the favored groups, – and to inflict real terror across the land.

Trump gets it,  – but he’s only one man,  and he’s already old.

If America doesn’t smarten up – big time and soon,  come 2050 (maybe sooner) we will have lost a war to the Chinese – and become their agricultural vassal state.

When that happens – they’ll only need us for coal, oil & natural gas, fish and food.

They won’t need our big Democrat-run cities, – and are likely to make them disappear.

The ONLY people they’ll need will be farmers, ranchers, oil field workers, truck drivers and railroad crews. These worker’s breeding will be carefully monitored.

A sobering History Lesson:

Much of the problems we’re having with North Korea and China today can be traced DIRECTLY to the years FDR and Harry Truman were in the White House.  BOTH were racist against the Chinese.  FDR assumed all Chinese were primitive peasants; Truman just plain hated all things oriental.

BOTTOM LINE:  without Truman’s ignorance,  Mao would never have won the Chinese Revolution.

Without LBJ’s cowardice, Jimmy Carter’s racism, and Bill Clinton’s and Obama’s treason, – the Chinese would not be challenging us in such a brazen fashion.  We fed the Dragon!   Some Americans got RICH doing it!

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