Chinese Armor Rolling In Zimbabwe

Posted November 14th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Flamboyant dictator Robert Mugabe – 93,  – is the poster-boy for what happened as European colonial colonies were turned over to native rulers across the Third World after WWII.

He was beyond ruthless in consolidating power,  then he looted his own country.  Today as he fires officials so that his 2
nd wife can assume power,  – his army officers may have other ideas.  They’re rolling on the capital.

Mugabe is perhaps the most anti-British / anti-White of the 20th Century African leaders.

Faced with challenges to his rule in the 1980s – he brought in North Koreans to train a special unit of his army – the “Fifth Brigade”,  – and they spent several years torturing and killing anybody in the southwest part of the country.

The Chinese have a big interest in Eastern Africa,  – they intend to colonize it for raw materials over these next 20 years.  At the moment there is nobody wise enough or strong enough to stop them.  So if events in Zimbabwe turn bloody,  – it helps the Chinese.

What?  You thought Mugabe would JUST rely on the NorKs and the Chinese?   He didn’t get to be 93 by being naïve. 

UPDATE:   Wed am 15 Nov 2017   The coup took place…

My military buddies will appreciate this photo….

Like any revolution or coup,  – the leadership must establish control,   consolidate support of rival factions, –  and be careful not to make a martyr of 93-year old Mugabe.

In general,…most military schooling does not prepare officers for seizing power or running governments,  – which is why so many coups fail.

6 Responses to “Chinese Armor Rolling In Zimbabwe”

  1. Vic

    sic semper tyranis

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    Mugabe’s “army officers may have other ideas….”

    This makes me think of Obama firing good, steady, intelligent generals and admirals, all strong patriots in tune with real world circumstances, and replacing them real pussies who would never think of disobeying orders or removing a POTUS in order to restore American security and leadership. They were then backed up by equally pussy deputies who would ensure the first echelon would toe Obama’s line or be reported and subsequently fired in turn…

    A wise man once said a country has no problem a good dictator can’t fix….
    That man was me, but I probably got the idea from someone else….


    History proves that “good dictators’ are damned rare….

  3. Panther 6

    GB LTC is correct to a degree, problem with a GOOD dictator is finding one.

    Mugabe should have been gone long ago but the question remains who will replace him. In Africa one never knows and the next rascal may be worse by a bunch. Africa is across the board a basket case.

  4. Catherine

    Let us at least hope that the pneumonic plague currently coursing through Madagascar does not jump the bit of ocean that separates it from Africa. Can you imagine the additional chaos that would ensue?

  5. Kojack

    GreenBeret, Panther – AUGUSTO PINOCHET in Chile from ’73-’90 was the good dictator you’re longing for as am I. The problem is, I am not aware of his equal in modern day America.

    Due to the way the whole system has been subverted by the establishment RiNO’s and DEMOCRAPS and the sheer apathy/ignorance displayed by a majority of the population I am beginning to think that an American Pinochet OR armed insurrection is our only hope. One only has to observe THE BLATANT DOUBLE STANDARDS WITH THE ROY MOORE SITUATION, URANIUM 1, BENGHAZI, BENDING OVER BACKWARDS FOR THE “RELIGION OF PEACE” WHILE CHRISTIANS ARE DISCRIMINATED AGAINST, ETC.

  6. Vince

    Where was our army when Obama was president…. could Obama be the next dictator in Zambabwe?