China’s Armchair Admiral Talks Tough

Posted January 4th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Chinese Rear Admiral Lou Yuan is way too young to have ever seen wartime service. Born in 1950,  – he ~ may ~ have memories of the Great Famine of 1958 – 62,  where upwards of 36,000,000 rural Chinese were abandoned to die.

Thus his recent suggestion to a Chinese audience that any sovereignty disputes in the South China Sea and the Western Pacific could be easily settled if China sank a couple of US aircraft carriers reveals a total – and DANGEROUS – detachment from reality.

Only once in the far distant past (1405 – 1433) was China ever a naval power, – then the Emperor ordered his entire fleet burned….

In modern times the Chinese have never fought a naval battle,  – although thanks to Carter,  Clinton,  and Obama they’ve made great strides in both submarine warfare and recently in building a small fleet of modern surface ships.

One distinct advantage they would have in a Western Pacific naval battle is that their land-based air force would be a combat multiplier for them,  – at least until we had nuked their airfields….

Admiral Lou’s reasoning is based on a particular view of American resolve (lack of resolve) popular in some Chinese military and political circles.

He told his audience in Shenzhen that the US is casualty-adverse,  with no stomach for a serious fight.

Many Chinese feel that the US has key weaknesses which they can exploit:  our weakened military,  – our money system,  – our easily stolen intellectual talent, – our fraud-wracked election system,  – and our national fear of entering into conflicts.

Today with 1.3 BILLION people,  China can look at us with some strange degree of arrogance and disdain, – since they lost over 60,000,000 people in their civil war and the famine that Mao’s Cultural Revolution brought about.

At some level many of their leaders may believe that either America won’t nuke them,  – or that China can absorb a massive nuclear strike and still emerge the victor.

But America’s greatest weakness may be the past 60+ years of unionized socialized teachers in our public schools and universities – failing to teach Geography, History, Economics, or Civics. We are populated now by a generation of Millennials who can send 4 or 5 texts a minute, – but have no clue what happened around the world during the 20th Century.

And the Chinese may suffer a parallel national ignorance – since only Mao’s teachings were allowed in their schools.

Admiral Lou speculated that sinking one (1) carrier would kill the 5,000 Americans aboard, – sinking two (2) would be 10,000 dead Sailors and Marines.

So the brainwashed Chinese leaders may miscalculate and start a war to chase America out of the Western Pacific,  – and the average American – including most members of Congress – will have NO CLUE what is happening – or why…

Sitting in his academic armchair at the Chinese Military Academy,  Admiral Lou is a dangerous man,  – because many of his students may take his teachings and suggestions to heart.

This is eerily similar to how the Japanese High Command miscalculated and decided the best way to keep America from interfering in their military expansion across Asia,  – was to knock out the American Fleet at Pearl Harbor….

After all,  Japan’s Sunday morning attack on the Czar’s fleet in 1904 had worked like a charm. They won that war,…and thus learned the wrong lesson.  In 1941 they tried again…

Maybe somebody could send Admiral Lou a History Book…?

WAKE UP AMERICANS!  Our Nation and our Western Civilization has some ancient and historic enemies (Muslims),  – and now some new ones (China and drug cartels).

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  1. Sherox

    Mike, you forgot the enemies within the USA.