China Suddenly Offers To “Help” Maduro…

Posted March 14th, 2019 by Iron Mike

As if ‘Help’ from Putin wasn’t enough,  China is suddenly offering to help rebuild Maduro’s neglected power grid and water infrastructure.

All he wants is what Putin wants – air bases and naval bases,  – in our backyard!  It’s a Chess Game – and our media is oblivious – consumed in their Trump Derangement….

The Chinese would love to have Venezuela as a colony – in our hemisphere.

They’d quickly rebuild enough of the grid and the plumbing to keep the Venezuelan population happy,  turning the struggling country into a sparkling showcase of Chinese world benevolence…

…while opening vast plantations to feed hungry Chinese back home….

…and of course take oil in payment,  – and build a first class naval and air base…

And if one of the Democrats (socialists / globalists) take the White House in 2021,  – there would be nobody left in the entire world to oppose them….

If your skin isn’t crawling by now,  – you’re just way too stupid to be voting…

One Response to “China Suddenly Offers To “Help” Maduro…”

  1. Catherine

    China has a LONG memory, and their culture looks for cycles. From their own history, they see the 400-year solar cycles that brought food shortages and famine to China – along with the overthrow of MANY dynasties.

    The Communists in charge do NOT want food riots to end their choke-hold on power. They are desperate to find alternative FOOD GROWING regions for their huge population. We will see more moves by China to expand their influence in areas that can support their needs. They do NOT believe in the idiotic globull warming fallacy; they study the historical records of where food would and did grow in the cold downturns of the solar cycle – and will move in those areas.


    Astutely stated Stubby Buddy!