China Plays Our Narcissist-In-Chief

Posted May 26th, 2016 by Iron Mike

In 1992, 1996, 2008 and again in 2012 American voters made it easy for the Chinese to expand militarily – into space and across the Pacific and Indian Oceans.
Why do you think they funded Bill, Obama, and now Hillary…?
China in Obama's FACE
Obama is way too much the fool and the narcissist to connect the dots, – but you shouldn’t be.

Obama plays Xi Jinping's fool

In Obama’s drug-muddled brain, – all nations should be equal, – disarmed, – and preferably border-less,…and probably using either the Euro or the Yen as currency.

Obama is China's FOOL

The Chinese take a much more racist and pragmatic view.  They believe that THEY are the true ‘Master Race’,  – and they intend to colonize the world.  They’re well on their way in Central and South America, and across Western Africa.

Today they are militarizing artificial islands in the Western pacific – and essentially telling our Navy to sail away….

…and now as Obama visits Vietnam, – they upping the ante – announcing they’ll send nuclear-armed submarines to patrol the Pacific Ocean.

That means they’re putting a significant naval and strategic nuclear threat across an area so wide we no longer have enough navy to cover….

We played this cat-&-mouse game with Russian submarines for decades.  It was terribly expensive – and often wickedly dangerous….

We could easily lose an entire carrier task force – in just minutes…

US Carrier Task Force

Obama probably sees this as ‘Social Justice’…..he ~ may even ~ count it as one of his accomplishments….humbling the great imperial power….

He has no clue. All his life he’s been under the impression that he needs to avenge both British and American 19th Century imperialism,…his hate-filled racist heart can’t allow his brain to think like an American.

Chinese playing for time

The Chinese leadership picked up on this right away,…they’ve played him ever since,  as they build their space program,  their modern air force,  and their navy.  And let’s not forget how massively they’ve built their army of computer hackers…..

Chinese KNOW Hillary drinks

Our next president faces a daunting task.  Unless of course it’s Hillary,…they’ll play her too…..

Hillary's ego  Chinese guile

How long do you think Xi Jinping has been reading Hillary’s emails…?

2 Responses to “China Plays Our Narcissist-In-Chief”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    Not only this….. Our apologist-in-chief is also dope-slapped by Japan’s PM Abe. Barack Hussein O went to Hiroshima, and although (for once….) he didn’t apologize (for Truman ending WWII….), did he press Abe for a reciprocal visit to Pearl Harbor? Not hardly…. Abe’s response to a media question on the subject: “At this moment I don’the have a specific plan to visit Hawaii”. Is PM Abe so busy running a country not even the size of California that he couldn’t even say he put it on his action list? I doubt it. And BHO didn’t have the cojones to press him on it…

  2. Panther 6

    We no longer have a Foreign policy, we have a vacation travel schedule for the first family. Join the Govt and see the world.