China Joe Keeps Up The Con….

Posted December 18th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Appearing on the Stephen Colbert Show last night,  – Biden maintained “great confidence” in his crooked drug-addicted son.  “DOCTOR” Jill grinned right along.

Dishonorable discharge,  – Ukrainian money  – Russian money  – Chinese money,  – a knocked-up stripper and a sudden South African bride (5 kids / 3 women),  and a fling with his under-age niece…. Does Blinky Joe think all of Hunter’s sins can be swept away…or pardoned?

One Response to “China Joe Keeps Up The Con….”

  1. Vic

    This after four plus years of democrats threatening and insulting EVERY MEMBER of President Trump’s family – including innocent, young Baron – their hypocricy knows no bounds.