China Joe Is Confused, – Rudderless….

Posted November 10th, 2020 by Iron Mike

He thinks he’s about to be sworn in as the 46th POTUS. But these early days of assembling a transition team and anything that looks like a functioning government looks like a Chinese Fire Drill.  (Oops – is that a racist expression?)

Joe’s problem is ‘experience’.  He doesn’t have even a smidgen!  He’ always been a Klingon,  a loud-mouth follower,  a bully,  a copy-kat and a plagiarizer – with ZERO original thoughts of his own.  His whore running mate has no leadership experience either.

Already we’ve been watching the washed-up Democrats – like Senator Squaw and Woody Woodpecker vie for administration jobs.

But they likely aren’t ready for Biden’s work ethic.  They need to buy into the table to just to play, and they’ll need to guarantee a steady income stream for the extended Biden Family.

Reports reach us that many of the “Democrat Faithful” around Biden (aka Communist agents and wannabe Commissars) are intent on punishing members of the Trump Administration,  – and ~ somehow – even the Americans who voted for Trump…

Historical NOTE:  This is in a very scary way, – much like the Nazis in the 1920s and 1930s blaming “the Rich Jews of Europe” for Germany’s defeat in 1918.

Fascists, Communists, and Democrats ALWAYS have to have somebody to BLAME – a scapegoat.

What to they have in mind?  Will they burn our barns and homes,  – kill our livestock,  – trample our crops…?  That they even have such sophomoric thoughts of ‘punishing’ the losing political team bodes really bad for our Nation right now.

As we’ve said many times,  be ready for the night of the Democrat Zombies,  – get armed and ammo up!

Meanwhile,  enjoy the spectacle of the career loudmouth know-it-all as he rants,  raves,  and flounders around trying to assemble a working government.

OK RRB Readers:   You figure it out!   How much of this is satire and how much is grounded in this nightmare we’re living through????

2 Responses to “China Joe Is Confused, – Rudderless….”

  1. Jim Buba

    so-Capital C

    So the New York whore wants to round us all up and sentence us to Re-Education camps.

    ChinaCollusion on steroids

    She should be rounded up and sent to an Education Camp maybe study Garbage Disposers 101

  2. Kojack

    Bring it on, you communist assholes! We’ll give a lesson in tactics you won’t soon forget.

    Not only do they have no executive or business experience they also have no tactical experience and they don’t know the American fighting spirit.